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Hatches and Trout Flies For The Beaverhead River Montana
The Beaverhead River has spring influence which lowers the pH of the stream and helps
account for the huge aquatic insect population the stream has.

Midges are not fished that much by the locals, but work just as well on the Beaverhead as any
other tailwater. They can be very important during the times nothing else is hatching.
Imitations of the larvae, pupae and of the adults should be in your fly box.

As with most any other trout stream, Blue-winged Olives are one of, if not the most important
mayfly on the Beaverhead River. The can start hatching in March and last through May. They
will hatch again from about the first of September into Novermber.

PMDs, or Pale Morning Duns, hatch from about the middle of June until the middle of July.
They represent one of the better hatches on the river. Trico mayflies can hatch from about
the middle of July all the way through the month of September.

Craneflies are considered very important on the Beaverhead River. They are around for
much of the year but most available during the late summer.

Skwala Stoneflies start hatching in the middle of March and on into the month of April. LIttle
Brown Stoneflies also hatch in March and on into April. Golden Stoneflies hatch in June, but
not in large quantities. Little Yellow Stoneflies, called Yellow Sallies, are probably the most
plentiful stoneflies. They hatch from about the first of June and on into the first of August.

Grannom, or Brachycentrus Caddisflies hatch during the month of May. This hatch, normally
called the Mother's Day hatch, can produce some good fish.
Glossoma Caddisflies, or LIttle
Short-horned Sedges, hatch in June and July.

Spotted Sedges is probably the most important caddisfly hatch. It starts about the first of June
and can last through the month of August. Green Sedges start hatching about the first of July
and last through the month of September. The larva stage of life of this caddisfly is called the
Green Rock Worm. They can be effective most anytime of the year. October Caddis hatch in
September and October, but the hatch is not considered a major event.

The terrestrial are important, especially the ants and beetles. Imitations of grass hopper will
also catch fish, but we think the ants and beetles are eaten more by the trout. Anytime from
around the first of July through the month of September, you should consider fishing them.

Streamers are very important flies. The large browns just don't rise to dry flies very often.
Streamers work great to take the big ones. The river has a lot of baitfish, sculpin and plenty of
crayfish in it. You should use streamers that imitate them.

As always, we recommend our "Perfect Flies". They are not only the most realistic flies you
can purchase, they are the most effective flies you can use. We have imitations of everything
that live in the Beaverhead River, so if you haven't already done so, please give them a try.
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