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Fly Fishing Guide for the Beaverkill River, New York

Other than its rich tradition, the Beaverkill is a very good trout stream. As mentioned on the
main page, the upper section, which is over twenty-five miles long, is tree lined and covered
in many places. It isn't near as large as the other sections. It's water is also kept cool from the
water of many small springs. It is rarely over twenty-five feet wide.  

The next section runs down to Shin Creek at Lew Beach. It is about twelve miles long and
wider than the uppermost part. There are some riffles, small runs and deeper pools in this
section of the Beaverkill. It gets over fifty feet wide in several places.

From Lew Beach down to the Junction Pool, shown on the right side of the main page, a
distance of eleven miles, is even wider and approaching seventy feet wide in places, with
longer, deeper pools. The state campground is located on this section of the river.

The Junction Pool is where the Willowemoc Creek or River, whichever name you prefer, flows
into the Beaverkill. The river becomes much wider and larger. The pools become very long
and are connected by some long riffles. There is a section called Horse Brook Run, show in
our photo album, that consist mostly of pocket water.

The lower section is probably the most popular section of the Beaver Kill. It contains the two
no-kill sections and provides some excellent dry fly fishing. At the end of this section, the river
flows into the East Branch of the Delaware River. The lower section can get warm during the
hot summer months. It is best fished during the spring and fall months.
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