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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Beaverkill River New York

The Beaverkill is a very fertile stream with lots of aquatic insect hatches. In fact, it is known for
its hatches and fine dry fly fishing.

From about the middle of March through the month of May, Blue-winged Olives are the main
aquatic insect that hatches. These are mostly
baetis species that can provide some good
fishing on good weather days. They hatch again starting about the middle of July and last
until near October. Some of these are small BWOs and little BWOs. They will vary from hook
sizes 16 down to a size 24.

Around the first of April the Little Black Caddisflies, or Grannom Caddis, start hatching along
with the Blue Quill mayflies. The caddis hatch last just over a month depending on what part
of the stream you are fishing. The Blue Quills can last almost two months. Little Brown
Stoneflies will start hatching about the first of April and last just over a month.

By the middle of April you can find some Gray Drakes hatching in some areas of the stream.
This is when the Hendrickson hatch starts. The river is know for the Hendrickson and the Red
Quill. One pool is named after Mr. Hendrickson. The Gray Drakes last less than a month but
the Hendrickson hatch will about a full month. This is a great time to fish the stream but it can
be crowded.

Several mayflies hatch starting about mid-May. The large Eastern Green Drakes and Brown
Drakes hatch for about three weeks. The Eastern Pale Evening Duns actually start nearer
the first of May. The American March Browns and the Light Cahill both start around the
middle of May.

The middle of May will also start the first Green Sedge hatch and the Short-horned Sedge
hatch. Both hatches last about a month and a half. The Dark Blue Sedges will start about the
middle of May and can last for over a month. Most of the caddisflies will be Cinnamon and
Spotted Sedges. They hatch from mid-May until around the first of August.

Gray-winged Yellow Quills start around the first of June and can last a month and a half.
Sulphurs also start the first of June and can last a couple of months. About the middle of June
the Golden Drakes will show up in parts of the stream.

By the middle of June, the terrestrial insects can be important. Ants, beetles and grass
hoppers imitations will catch trout. Don't forget the streamer flies. They can produce anytime
of the year, especially early and late in the day or when the water is stained from heavy rains.

Be sure and consult our
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart. It is far better to select the flies you need
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