Big Creek Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Big Creek North Carolina
Big Creek is big time pocket water fishing. This stream
falls at a rapid decline and the water only slows down
to swirl around in the eddies. It flows from its headwaters
from high elevations in the Northern Section of Great
Smoky Mountains National Park and eventually into the
Pigeon River.

Large boulders, deep pools and fast water make access
difficult in some places. There are several angler made
tails that allow access in some areas. The main trail
leading out of the campground on the lower end of the
stream provides only moderate access. It is often high
above and some distance from the creek. Remote
backcountry campgrounds are available in the
headwater sections of the stream. Brook trout fishing is
very popular there. There are several smaller tributary
streams most of which have the native brook trout.

Big Creek probably has the least anglers fishing on any
given day of any similar size stream in the park. It is
located in a remote section of the park but it is fairly
easy to access from Interstate 40.

The season is open year-round and you can catch trout
on the fly year-round.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing Big Creek. Most
aquatic insects hatch during the spring.
The lower part of Big Creek can be tough to fish during
the hot summer but the headwaters always fish great.
Some anglers would argue that Fall is the best time to
fish Big Creek. Autumn is certainly the most scenic time
to fish GSMNP.
You can catch trout on the dry fly some days during the

Fly Fishing Guide to Big Creek
Fly fishing Big Creek varies from fishing the big part of
the stream for rainbows where huge boulders, fast
pocket water and deep pools exist, to the small, tightly
enclosed brook trout tributary streams of the higher
elevations. Each requires completely different
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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout


Great Smoky Mountains National

Nearest Towns
Maggie Valley, NC

Year - round


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
Either the State of Tennessee or the
State of North Carolina

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Fly Fishing Smoky Mountains
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