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Hatches and Flies for Big Springs Creek Pennsylvania

There are not a lot of hatches of aquatic insects on the Big Springs Creek in Pennsylvania.
There are only a few mayflies. They consist mostly of Blue-winged Olives, Sulphurs and

The Blue-winged Olives hatch in April and most of May and then again in September and
part of October. They can be heavy at times and the trout will feed on them selectively.

The Sulphur is probably the most popular hatch that occurs on Big Springs Creek. There
were though to not exist for a period of a few years but came back after the hatchery was
closed in good numbers. The Sulphurs hatch in April and for most of May.

Tricos is the other mayfly hatch of significance. It takes place in parts of the stream during
the months of June through September.

Some caddisflies are also present in Big Springs Creek. They consist mostly of Cinnamon
Caddis. They can hatch for a long period of time starting in June and lasting until the middle
of September. There are some other species of caddisflies of little importance.

Midges may just be the most important aquatic insect. They hatch off and on throughout the
year. You need to know how to fish midge larva, pupa and adults on very light tippet to catch
trout when nothing else is hatching.

Scuds and Cressbugs, or Sowbugs as they are called by some anglers, represent the
majority of the food for the trout in Big Springs Creek. They are very plentiful. Imitations of
these crustaceans is probably the most consistent producer.

As you would expect, imitations of terrestrial insects such as grasshopper, crickets, ants,
and beetles become important in the summer. They are usually large enough by mid June to
become a factor. They are around the stream until as late as the first of October.

It is a good idea to have Perfect Fly imitations of the three species of mayflies we mentioned
in all the stages, Cinnamon Caddis larva, pupa and adults, Perfect Fly scuds and sowbugs,
and Perfect Fly hoppers, ants, and beetles. Don't forget to have plenty of Perfect Fly
streamers. You can catch trout early and late in the day on them. These flies will be all that
is necessary throughout the season.  
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