Angie Marsh fishing Blacktail Deer Creek
Angie Marsh fishing Blacktail Deer Creek
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Fly Fishing Guide for Blacktail Deer Creek (YNP) Wyoming

The brook trout seem to prefer the pools, especially where the fast water enters the little
pools and first slows down. You get far more takes in the slow water at the end of the
current than you do in the current. If you fish in an upstream direction, stay low and hidden
as much as possible, you can often catch several brook trout from each of the little pools.

You really don't have to venture very far from the Grand Loop Road unless you just want
to. We have fished this little stream a dozen or more times without ever seeing another
person. Most anglers pass it up on their way to the Yellowstone or Lamar Rivers. There are
usually some vehicle parked at the trailhead but they are usually parked there while hiking
or backpacking into the Black Canyon.

Getting down from the Blacktail Deer Creek trail to the creek is sometimes a problem. It is
easy to twist an ankle or slip and fall along this stream so we think it is a good idea to have
someone along with you when you are fishing the stream. We should also point out that it
is also difficult to see out of the deep cut the creek runs and there are lots of bushes and
scrub brush around that cuts you vision down. There are also lots of grizzly and black bear
that are commonly seen in this area, so you need to make some noise and keep an eye
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Blacktail Deer Creek (YNP)