Angie Marsh fishing Blacktail Deer Creek
Angie Marsh fishing Blacktail Deer Creek
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Hatches and Flies for Blacktail Deer Creek (YNP) Wyoming
The aquatic insects found in this little brook trout streams are very plentiful and consist of
several species of caddisflies, mayflies, and stoneflies. We obtained and photographed
some samples of insects in the stream as was amazed at the number and variety of them.
You would think it would have few in such a rugged environment but it is just the opposite.

Blue-winged Olives,
Baetis species, hatch from opening day until the end of the month of
June elsewhere and we assume in the Blacktail Deer Creek though we haven't seen them
any earlier than the first of July. They are bi-brooded and will hatch again staring about the
first of September and lasting until the season ends.

The Green Sedges hatch starting about the first of July and last until the middle of
September. The Little Short-horned Sedges will hatch throughout the month of July.

The PMDs, or Pale Morning Duns, are the most plentiful mayflies we see there They start
about the first of July, and last all the way to the middle of August. We have found Green
Drakes and Flavs, or small Western Green Drakes present in July.

Yellow Sallies, or Little Yellow Stoneflies, hatch from about the middle of July for a month or
longer in the creek.

Terrestrial insects are very important trout food on these small streams. Imitations of
grasshoppers, ants and beetles will catch trout from about the first of July until the middle
to end of September.

We have "Perfect Fly" imitations of every insect that hatches in Yellowstone National Park.
Many of our flies were developed there. If you haven't already done so, we encourage you
to give them a try. They are not only are the most realistic flies you can buy, they are the
most effective at catching trout. We also have numerous generic and attractor flies at very
low prices that will work for the small brook trout.
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Blacktail Deer Creek (YNP)
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