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Fly Fishing Guide to the Blue River, Colorado
If you are seeking the huge trout that dine on the Mysis Shrimp that get through the dam
occasionally, you need to concentrate on the upper couple of miles below the tailwater.
The shrimp don't get much lower downstream than about two miles. For that reason,
most of the huge size trout are caught in the upstream portion of the tailwater near the
dam. That doesn't mean that large trout are not caught farther downstream. There have
been some big brown trout caught in the river above Blue Mountain Reservoir when they
make their fall spawning migration upstream out of the lake.

The stream doesn't look much like a trout stream around Silverthorne. You can actually
cast to trout from a paved shopping center parking lot. Don't let that fool you though
because that is where most of the large trout are. Many anglers, including myself, had
rather pass up the large trout below the dam for the more average sized trout
downstream where the river changes its appearance from its urban look to a very scenic
background. I just don't like the ideal of fly fishing under an Interstate highway.

If you fish the upper water below the dam, you will most likely need to use a nymph to
catch fish. Dry fly fishing is usually not very productive in that area. You can use
imitations of the mysis shrimp, of course, and you may find they are very effective at
times. On the other hand, most anglers usually have less than satisfactory success with

Around the first of June the discharges are usually increased to allow for the melting
snow. You will need to keep a close watch on the flows from for the month of June.
Hatches of Green Drakes, Dark Red Quills, Pale Morning Duns, several species of
caddisflies and some stoneflies occur mostly on the lower sections of the river. Dry fly
action usually gets good around the middle of July.

Don't forget the spawning brown trout and the Kokanee Salmon that move upstream out
of the Green Mountain Reservoir during the fall. This is a good time to catch some nice
browns and battle with the salmon. Nymphs and streamers will work for the salmon during
the spawning run.
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