Blue River Oklahoma Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing The Blue River Oklahoma
The Blue River is a 140 mile long tributary of the Red
River located in southern, Oklahoma. A small portion is
a designated a "put-n-take" stocked trout area. It is best
during the coldest part of the year. It is well stocked by
the state and fun to fish.

The trout season at the Blue River generally runs from
about the first of November through the 31st of March.
The season is short because the summer water
temperatures become too warm to support trout. There's
just over six miles of the Blue River that flows through
the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area that is

Fly fishing the Blue River is relatively easy. The river
can be easily accessed from either side and fished from
the bank or by wading anglers. This trout stream is
located about eleven miles northeast of Tishomingo

This spring-fed river is beautiful with many waterfalls and
plunges that flow over granite boulders. Pools of clear
water lie between the plunges. A special ten dollar
permit is required to fish for trout.

There are several walk-in areas where anglers can get
find some solitude. Two miles of trail follows the river.

The stream is surrounded by woods. Blue River
Campground is located on the river in the Carl R. and
Ruth Walker Landrum Wilderness Area. Vehicles are not
allowed in this area. There are also some primitive
campsites in the area.

The season is dependant on water temperatures
Early Springtime is usually okay
The water is too warm for trout
Late Fall is a good time for fly fishing the Blue River
Wintertime is the best time to fish the Blue River

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Type of Stream

Rainbows (Stocked)


Southern Oklahoma

Nearest Town

Approx. from Nov. 1 through March


Non-Resident License
State of Oklahoma

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Blue River Oklahoma
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Map of Blue River
11/18/18 Good reports coming in. The
river is stocked good. Sculpin, BWOs