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Fly Fishing Guide for the Cache la Poudre River Colorado
There are two designated "Wild Trout Waters" or Trophy Trout areas where you must
use a fly or lure only.  The Wild Trout area on the lower end of the stream starts at
Pingree Park Bridge. Thats about twenty miles upstream from the head of the canyon. It
ends near the town of Rustic. In this area, the river heads away from the road The area
is called Indian Meadows.

The uppermost Wild Trout section starts at the Black Hollow Creek confluence and runs
upstream to the Big Bend Campground. Theres a state fish hatchery in this area.  
These two Wild Trout sections are among the easiest places to get around in because
they have less decline.

I'm not certain that fishing in the special regulation areas offers any advantage. They
are probably fished heavier than the many miles of other available water. The other
water is faster moving pocket water. The trout don't seem to be as picky in the
non-regulated sections. I'm not certain the special regulated areas have larger trout
although they may well have.

You want to fish the pocket water of the stream in an upstream direction. Usually,
several short cast are better than a few long ones because the fly line stand less
change of being caught in conflicting currents. It is best to hold as much fly line out of
the water as possible. This will help you get a drag free drift. Short leaders of about
seven and a half feet work good.

Fish the current seams between the fast and slow water and at the ends of the long
runs and riffles. A good tip is to put your fly where you see the bubbles. That is most
likely where the insects are also drifting. You will find that the "high-stickin" method of
nymph fishing also works good in this stream.
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Cache la Poudre River