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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Cache la Poudre River Colorado

The Cache la Poudre Rivers first mayfly hatches are the Blue-winged Olives. They hatch
starting in April and last through the month of May. These are bi-brooded insects that hatch
again in September and October.

The other major mayflies consist mostly of Green Drakes and Red Quills. Both of these
mayflies start hatching around the first or second week of June and last on into the middle
of the month of August. Some of both hatches are practically eliminated because of the
spring runoff. There are also a few PMDs, or Pale Morning Duns. These mayflies are found
in the moderate sections of the river. They start hatching in July and last on into the first of

Stoneflies are a major part of the aquatic insects that live in the river. Golden Stoneflies
hatch starting about the middle of June and last through August, depending on the area of
the river you are fishing. Yellow Sallies, or Little Yellow Stonefies, start hatching in late May
and can last on into August.

There are several species of caddisflies. One of the most abundant are species of the
Branchycentrus genus. These Grannom caddisflies start hatching from late April to the first
week of May. It usually last about a month. This hatch starts in the lower elevations and
works upstream. During June, July, August and September, you will find a few different
species of Spotted Sedges and a few of their Little Sister Caddis. The Little Sisters hatch
during the month of July. There are some Little Short-horned Sedges that hatch in late May
and June. There are also a few species of Green Caddisflies, or Green Sedges, as they are
often called. The larvae of these caddisflies are called Green Rock Worms. Imitations of
them are very effective during the Spring and Summer. There are a few other species of
caddisflies present in the river, but they don't hatch in large quantities.

Terrestrial insects become important during the months of June, July, August and
September. Imitations of grasshopper, ants and beetles are effective during these months.

Don't forget to have a good selection of streamers. There are a lot of sculpins in the river
and some species of minnows and baitfish. The streamers are very effective when the
brown trout start to spawn in the fall. They also work anytime the river is a little off color from
rain as well as early in the morning and late in the afternoons.

If you haven't tried our "Perfect Fly" trout flies, you have missed out on fishing the most
effective trout flies you can purchase. We have specific imitations of everything that hatches
on the Cache La Poudre River. We hope you give them a chance to work for you.
Cache la Poudre River
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