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Hatches and Flies for Cedar Creek Pennsylvania
Midges hatch year-round on this little stream. There are a few early season, Little Black and
Little Brown Stoneflies that show up in March and April.

Look for several mayfly hatches to occur on Cedar Creek. Blue-winged Olives of several
different species hatch from about the last two weeks of April until mid November. Blue Quills
start hatching in the middle of April and last for about a month. There is also a Hendrickson
hatch that takes place around the first or second week of April. It is short lived, lasting only
about a week or two at the most.

Pale Evening Duns start hatching about the middle of May and hatch on into the first of July.
Sulphurs usually start about the first of June and last into July. Light Cahills hatch in June.
There are a few Yellow Drakes that hatch the last week or two of June. Slate Drakes usually
start hatching around the first of May and then off and on to peak again in September.

Caddisflies represent a major part of the hatches that occur on Cedar Creek. There are
several species. The Little Back Caddis start in April and can last close to a month.
Cinnamon and Spotted sedges represent the majority of the caddisfly hatches. They start
about the first of May and last through September. Green Sedges, Little Short-horned
Sedges and some other minor species of caddis hatch during the late spring and summer
months. Crane flies are also important on this stream.

Terrestrial insects, such as ants, beetles and grasshoppers come into play from about late
June through September. Don't forget the scuds and sowbugs. They are an important part
of the trout's diet year-round.

Streamers will work better early in the mornings and late in the day just before dark when
the light is low. If the water gets off color due to heavy rains where surface water drains into
the creek, try fishing imitations of sculpin or small minnows.

If you haven't tried our "Perfect Fly" trout flies, then you are missing out on the best spring
creek flies you can purchase. Not only are they the most realistic, they are the most
effective flies you can use. Our Scud and Sowbug flies are very effective in the small spring
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them an opportunity to work for you.
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Cedar Creek Pennsylvania
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