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Fly Fishing Guide to the Chattooga River South Carolina

The delayed harvest season offers a good chance to teach beginners how to fly fish. They
will catch some trout and they can learn to hook, fight and land fish, some of which may
run as large as twenty inches or better. The lower section of the river can get a little on the
warm side in the summer, so the delayed harvest section is taking advantage of this. The
stream is very wide in the Delayed Harvest area.

The best wild trout fishing exist between the North Carolina State line and Burrells Ford.
There are a few tracks of private land downstream of the Highway 28 bridge, but other
than that, the entire river lies within the Chattahoochee or the Sumter National Forest. The
state stocks the trout fingerling from Burrells Ford downstream for about five miles. In that
area of the stream, there is plenty of food for the trout to eat but there are not many
suitable spawning areas for the trout.

Since the river is a freestone stream, the water levels vary with the rain. In the lower
section in the delayed harvest area, there are some long, deeper pools and the water can
be to deep to wade in many areas if it rises much. It is a good idea to get the water levels if
you question the conditions.
Real Time Stream Flow Data near Clayton, Georgia
If the water level is over 2.0 feet, you probably need to wait to fish that area of the stream.

If you enjoy being on the water by yourself, then this river can provide plenty of it. It just
takes a little hiking to do it. It is one of the southernmost trout streams that exist. You can
choose to fish for the stockers in the Delayed Harvest Section, or to fish for the wild,
streambred trout and native brook trout. It is one of the best trout streams in the South.
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