Fly Fishing The Chewaucan River
The Chewaucan River is formed by the confluence of
Elder Creek and Dairy Creeks in the Gearhart
Mountains. Its upper headwaters consist of several small
streams that flow together in a almost flat meadow. From
there it flows through forest and a canyon and into more
high desert meadows in its lower section.

The Chewaucan River flows through a combination of
Fremont-Winena National Forest, Bureau of land
management land (BLM) and private property.
Its trout population consist of Red Band Rainbow trout
and brown trout. The best access is in the upper forest
areas. There are strips of private property in the upper
sections but its mostly public land, This private open
cattle land can cause the river to muddy up after heavy
rains. The meadow sections flow mostly through private

It has several tributary streams that increase the flow
along the way including Ben Young Creek, Coffeepot
Creek, Antelope Springs, Corral Creek, Dog Creek,
Sage Hen Creek, Bear Creek, and Mill Creeks. It flows
out of the forest areas through Paisley through ranch
land where its water is used for irrigation. It flows out of
the pasture land into a narrow gorge called the narrows.
From there it flows into the Chewaucan Marsh area and
finally into Abert Lake.

Its red band rainbows average about eight to ten inches
but grow as large as sixteen inches and larger. This
river has become a good quality trout stream since 1996
when stocking was ceased. Many improvements have
been made to the stream to improve its habitat for trout.

Marstars Campground is on the stream not far from
Paisley. There are backcountry sites all along the river
on public property. Mill Street in the little town of Paisley
goes along the river up past the Marstars Campground
to Coffee Pot Flat at the confluence of Coffee Pot
Creek. Above there, the river flows through private
ranchland. The best section to fish is the twelve mile
canyon stretch from Coffee Pot Campground to Paisley.

The season varies depending on the location
It's possible to catch trout during warm, nice winter day
but most of the time, fishing would be tough.
The spring runoff can last into June. The fishing is good
before and after the runoff.
Summertime is a good time for fly fishing the Chewaucan
Early Fall is usually an excellent time to fish.

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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout (wild)
Brown Trout (wild)

Small to medium, 32 miles long

Southeastern Oregon

Nearest Towns

Year-round above highway #31

Fair to Good

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

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