Citico Creek Tennessee
Angie Marsh Fishing Citico Creek
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Fly Fishing Citico Creek Tennessee
Citico Creek is located in the Cherokee National Forest
in western Tennessee near the North Carolina border. It
flows into the Little Tennessee River at the upper end
of Tellico Lake. It is necessary to have a Tellico/Citico
Creek trout permit to fish the main part of the stream.

Citico Creek is formed by its North and South Forks in
the Unicoi Mountians. The Cherohala Skyway follows
the southern boundary of the Citico Creek Wilderness
watershed. The creek contains some wild trout in its
uppermost locations but it's also hatchery supported. It
is well stocked very regularly from Little Citico Creek to
the Citico Creek Wilderness boundary. Forest Service
Road 35, known as Citico Creek Road, follows along
the stream for almost its entire length. It starts following
the creek just  below the confluence of the North and
South Forks. There are several small tributaries that
probably contain some trout but we have not fished

Citico Creek is usually very crowded on weekends. Bait
fishing is allowed and the weekly stocking of trout keeps
the stream buzzing with the bait guys. I would not
suggest fishing during the weekends on this stream.

Catching the stocked rainbows is easy with almost any
fly you choose. I watched my brother catch three in a
row on an in-line spinning lure within less than ten
minutes. Angie caught one on a fly while that was going
on. We have fished the upper parts of the stream a
couple of times and done well each time. Most of the
fish were stocked rainbows. We have only caught one
brown trout from this stream but we haven't fished it
over a day if you added all the times we have fished it
together. We usually stop and make some cast when
we drive through area from the North River from the
Cherohala Skyway on our way home from fishing. I feel
confident, if someone worked at it more than we have it
would produce some good fish. We have not fished its
North or South Forks but we have been told by
knowledgeable Citico locals that would be the best bet
for fly fishing the Citico Creek for its wild trout.

The river is about medium size with some long pools,
some of which are quite deep. Short riffles and runs
connect the pools. It's beautiful along the river when it
isn't crowded with bait anglers on the weekends.

The season runs year-round
Trout can be caught on warm days during the Winter.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing Citico Creek
because of the higher water levels and hatches.
Summertime is usually too warm for good fishing at
least on the hottest days. The uppermost tributaries
may be cool enough to fish during most summer days.
Fall is certainly the most beautiful time to fish the

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Citico Creek
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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout (some wild and
stocked with holdovers)
Brown Trout (some wild and stocked
with holdovers)


Southwestern North Carolina

Nearest Towns
Tellico Plains



Non-Resident License
State of Tennessee

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