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Fly Fishing Guide for the Clyde River Vermont

Since there is a diverse fishery and a wide range of the types of water and species to fish for,
the flies and gear used also varies considerably. The upper sections of the Clyde holds a
combination of wild, and stocked brown and brook trout. You will find rainbows and salmon
mixed in the middle section of the river from about East Charlestown to Clyde Pond. The
lower section of the river that is upstream from the mouth has both spring and fall runs of
landlocked salmon and rainbow trout from Lake Memphremagog. Near East Charlestown,
near the mouth of Echo Lake, the stream increases in speed and becomes pocket water with
pools, runs and riffles. The bottom changes from silt to rock ledges, and plunge pools and
boulders offer fast water fishing opportunities.  

Fishing the slow moving water of the stream and lakes is one thing and fishing the fast pocket
water in the section I just mentioned is completely different. Fishing for the landlocked salmon
in Newport in the spring when they are eating smelt requires yet another method of fishing,
flies and gear. Fishing for the landlocked salmon during the spawning time with streamers is
also completely different. Fishing for the brook trout requires even a different method of
fishing. Unless you want to confine your fishing to one particular scenario, you are going to
need to carry a lot of fly fishing gear and equipment and a huge selection of flies. This is truly
a diverse fishery with about as many types of fishing as possible for one stream. We haven't
mentioned some of the small tributaries and fishing the ponds and lakes. They offer even
more fishing
Clyde River    
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