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Hatches and Flies for the Clyde River Vermont

Hatches also vary greatly depending on whether you are fishing one of the ponds, the slow
flowing river, the tailwater or the fast pocket water sections of the stream. In late April and
May, the Blue-winged Olives hatch and then again in the early fall. You may find a big hatch
of Grannoms or Little Black Caddis in late April. Quill Gordons hatch in the fast sections of
some areas in May. The Hendricksons follow them but in the slower to moderate sections of
some areas of the stream. March Browns hatch from the end of May to the middle of June,
mostly in the faster water sections. June brings about hatches of both Pale Evening Duns and
Sulphurs which last into the first week of July. Slate Drakes and Light Cahills usually hatch
from mid-June until mid-July. From mid-July to the middle of August you will find some Golden
Drakes. Tricos will hatch in the slower water sections from August through September.

Other than the Little Black Caddis there will be hatches of Green Sedges from the middle of
May until the middle of July. These are found in the moderate to fast water sections.
Cinnamon Caddis hatch from mid-June through the month of July. Dark Blue Sedges hatch
the last two weeks of June. Some large Great Autumn Brown Sedges hatch in September.

There are some stonefly hatches in the faster sections of water. Little Yellow Stoneflies hatch
in June and early July. There may be a few Golden Stoneflies in some fast water areas. Little
Browns hatch in May and early June.

Don't forget flies to match the smelt if you are going to fish for the Landlocked Salmon. You
will probably also want a variety of other streamers for the salmon and brown trout.
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