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Hatches and Trout Flies for Crane Creek Missouri
The hatches on Crane Creek are diverse and numerous. One of the first to start the year
out is always the mighty midge. They are very abundant thanks to the soft bottom. There
are burrowing red blood worm midges and light green midges by the zillions.

Blue-winged Olives are the first mayflies to hatch. They can show up in January but are
more plentiful in February and March. Look for them to continue into April and May but
they will be different and larger species. There's also a late season hatch in September
and October.

Little Black caddis show up in April and early May. Cinnamon Caddis start hatching in June
and continue through the Summer through late September. Green Sedges are also
plentiful in Crane Creek. The rock worms, or larvae of the Green Sedge or Green
Caddisfly is worth imitating year-round.

You will find sowbugs and some scuds in the stream. These can be imitated year-round
with good success at times.

Sculpin, several species of dace and other baitfish are also plentiful.  

Terrestrial insects are plentiful along the banks of Crane Creek. Craneflies, both the
aquatic and the terrestrial variety are also plentiful. Ants, beetles and grass hoppers make
up the majority of the terrestrial variety. These become more important in the summer
months when fewer aquatic insects are hatching

The trout in this little stream can be very selective and we are certain that you will find the
more realistic imitations at Perfect Fly are a huge help in fly fishing Crane Creek.
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Crane Creek Missouri
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