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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Crooked River Oregon
The first mayfly that hatches at the beginning of a new Year on the Crooked River is the
Blue-winged Olives. These are mostly
baetis species. These hatches take place in January,
February, March and April. These mayflies also hatch late in the year during September,
October, November and December.

Trout can be taken on imitations of midges throughout the year but are more popular during
the times the water is cold and few other aquatic insects are hatching. Have plenty of larvae,
pupae and adult imitations for the winter season.

Brown stoneflies also begin to hatch in February and March. Little Short-horned Sedges or
caddisflies hatch from the last of April into the first of August,depending on the section of the
river your fishing.

Little Yellow Stoneflies also start hatching in June and last through July. Many anglers call
these Yellow Sallies.

PMDs or Pale Morning Duns start hatching around the first of June. These little mayflies hatch
up until mid July. Green Sedges or caddisflies will hatch in April. This hatch last until about the
first of June. The larvae of these caddisflies, imitated by the Green Rock Worm, will take trout
all year.

Spotted Sedges, or caddisflies, hatch from May through the month of September. These are
the largest of the caddisfly hatches and consist of several species that are almost identical.

Mahogany Duns hatch in May (Blue Quills) and again in September and October.

Don't overlook the terrestrial insects. They can be very important during the summer and early
fall months of the year. Imitations of grass hoppers, ants, and beetles all catch trout. The
terrestrial season starts in June and last through the month of September.

Streamers are very important flies to have with you anytime of the year. Those that imitate
sculpin are usually very effective. Others should imitate baitfish and minnows. These will come
in very handy anytime the water is stained from rain. It runs clear most all the time, however.

Scuds and freshwater shrimp are very important food for the trout In Crooked River. Don't
forget to have plenty of imitations of them.

Craneflies are also abundant on the Crooked River. They are most plentiful in August and

Large October Caddis start hatching in mid September and last through most of November. Be
sure to have imitations of the pupae and the adults.

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they are the best flies you can buy. They imitate specifics insects at all the stages of their life
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Crooked River, Oregon
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Note: This image taken downstream of the canyon area
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