Currant Creek Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Currant Creek Utah
Currant Creek is known for is fly fishing but mostly as
Currant Creek Reservoir. Few are aware of the fly
fishing opportunities the beautiful little stream that flows
from the Currant Creek Reservoir has to offer. It flows
from the reservoir for about 20 miles before it joins
the Strawberry River.

This is a small, relatively shallow, crystal clear tailwater
trout stream. Fly fishing Currant Creek for its larger size
brown trout is a challenge. Staying hidden from the trout
is one of the biggest problems.

One reason Currant Creek is little known, is that most of
its length passes through private property. A lot of the
stream is posted, especially downstream pf Highway
#40. Currant Creek flows through private property
upstream of the highway but most land owners allow
fishing. Fly fishing Currant Creek in this ten mile section
of the river is possible at several locations. Please just
respect the private property. Don't climb over fences,
leave trash along the way and force the land owners into
posting the property.

The stream is stocked with rainbows and cutthroat trout
by the state. While the recently stocked trout are fairly
easy to catch, the holdovers and the wild brown trout

Currant Creek is lined with willows in many areas. This
helps provide shade and cover for the wild brown trout.
There are lots of beaver dams that also help the brown
trout population. It creates lots of little ponds and the
dams provides additional hiding places.

You can fish the creek year-round.
The fishing can be good in the tailwaters during the
Winter during nice warm days.
Springtime is an excellent time to fish Currant Creek.
Fly fishing Currant Creek during the Summer is good
even on the hottest days of the Summer.
The autumn season is an excellent time for fly fishing
Currant Creek because its large, wild brown trout spawn
during the Fall.

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Central Utah

Nearest Towns
Heber City
Park City



Non-Resident License
State of Utah

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Currant Creek Utah
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