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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Davidson River, North Carolina
The Davidson River has a very good population of aquatic insects due mainly to its variety
of types of water. You have both fast, pocket water sections and moderate flows with long
pools with short riffles and runs between them. You have both rock, boulders and sand and
gravel areas of bottom, as well as soft, silty type bottoms.

Midges hatch throughout the year on the Davidson River, but become more important during
the times there isn't anything else hatching. They are most effective during the winter

The Blue-winged Olives are the most consistent hatches throughout the year because of the
various species of mayflies that are called BWOs. The
baetis species begin to hatch in the
middle of February, and sometimes even on warm January days. These hatches last
through April. In late May and June, you will find hatches of larger Eastern Blue-winged
Olives. One species of these hatch again in late August and September. There will be
another wave of hatches of
baetis species in October and November.

Little Winter Stoneflies and Little Early Brown Stoneflies hatch in January through early
March. Different species of Little Brown Stoneflies hatch in April. Some of these are almost

Both Blue Quill and Quill Gordon mayflies begin to hatch in early March. The Blue Quills can
continue hatching through mid April. The Quill Gordon hatch ends about the first week or
two of April.

Brachycentrus caddisflies, American Grannoms, usually called Little Black Caddis hatch in
March and early April. In May, June and early July, you will find hatches of Green Sedges.
Their larvae, called Green Rock Worms, can be effective throughout the year. Hatches of
Cinnamon and Spotted Sedges start occurring in late May and last all the way through
September but they are spotted and inconsistent. Fall can bring on some nice hatches of
Great Autumn Brown Sedges in October and early November.

Hendricksons start hatching in mid April and last for about a month, or until the third week of
May. March Browns hatch from the faster water during May and early June. Light Cahills
hatch in May and early June.

About the first of May, Little Yellow Stoneflies, called Yellow Sallies start hatching. These
hatches can last into late June. There's one species that will hatch in late September.
Little Green Stoneflies hatch during late May. Giant Black Stoneflies hatch in the evenings in
early May. This hatch last for about three weeks. Nymphs are most effective for the hatch.

Sulphur mayflies and Eastern Pale Evening Duns hatch in late May. The PEDs start first and
a week or two later, the smaller Sulphurs being hatching. These hatches last about a month
and are not very consistent. Eastern Green Drakes hatch during late May. This is a two or
three week long hatch that is popular on the Davidson River. The spinner fall, is the most
important stage of the hatch. It occurs in the evenings.

During the months of June, July, August and September, terrestrial insects become
important. Imitations of ants, beetles, inch worms (moth larvae) and grass hoppers work
during the summer.

Don't forget to have a good selection of streamers. The large browns feed on minnow,
baitfish, sculpin and small crayfish. These work great during the brown trout spawning period
and anytime during low light conditions.

We recommend our "Perfect Fly" trout flies not only because they are by far the most
realistic of the food in the Davidson River, they are also the most effective at catching trout.
Many of the flies been tested and proven effective there. We receive email and calls
complimenting our flies from anglers coast to coast just about every day. This one is from
Craig Lancaster, a North Carolina resident and avid trout angler, referring to a trip on the
Davidson River.

March 10, 2010 9:28 AM
From: Craig Lancaster
Just wanted to let you know about our fishing trip this past weekend. We fished in the Davidson River gorge and did fairly
well considering it was 19 degrees when we got there. I ended up with double digits of fish in less than four hours fishing. I
started out with your little winter stonefly and caught a few fish high sticking in runs. I then switched to a dropper rig of your
perfect fly blue wing olive nymph and quill gordon nymph and things started heating up. I pulled two fish out of the first
hole with the flies. I also landed a nice 17" brown on the bwo nymph that put up one heck of a fight. Again, want to
compliment you on your flies they are far superior to any other flies out there and look extremely realistic. I especially can't
wait til summer I love the perfect fly beetles!

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