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Hatches and Flies for the Deerfield River Massachusetts

Please be sure to consult our "Perfect Fly" Hatch Chart. It will show you the estimated hatch
times and flies to use for each insect during the year long season. Probably the most
important of all the aquatic insects is the Blue-winged Olives. They hatch from about April
through June and then again from the middle of August until the middle of October. There
are some areas of the stream where Golden Drakes hatch from about the last week of June
until the first week or two of July.

From about the middle of May on you will begin to see hatches of some of the clinger mayfly
nymphs such as the American March Browns and Eastern Pale Evening Duns. They will
hatch from the faster water sections of the river. Blue Quills appear in the moderate
sections and pockets of the fast water about the same time. Not long after than you will see
Light Cahills that can hatch off and on for about two months. Sulphurs can be important
from about the middle of June into the first week or two of July. For a tailwater, the Deerfield
provides a lot of different species of mayflies.

Little Black Caddis (Grannoms) start hatching about the middle of April and last until the first
of May. From about the middle of May and into the month of July, the main species of
caddisflies will be the Cinnamon Caddis.  The Little Sisters will hatch a couple of weeks after
the big sister Cinnamon Caddis start to come off.

From near the end of June and lasting into the middle of the month of September, terrestrial
insects become important. Imitations of beetles, ants, and hoppers become popular flies to
use. Midges are always very important in most any tailwater. You can catch fish throughout
the winter on imitations of midge larvae and pupae. The big rainbows and browns both can
be caught on streamers, especially when the water is running strong. Carry a good
selection of sculpin, minnow, and baitfish imitations.
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