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Fly Fishing Guide for the Deschutes River Oregon, Continued
Fly Fishing the Middle Deschutes River for Trout:
For purposes of this guide, we will call the Middle Deschutes the water downstream of Bend
Oregon to Billy Chinook Reservoir. Most of the Middle Deschutes River runs through private
property but there are still several places you can access the stream. There is public access
just outside of Bend in the Tumalo State Park. Fishing is best in this section during the Spring
and Fall seasons. During the summer, especially during years of low water, irrigation needs
can create low water in the Middle Deschutes which can get too warm for good trout fishing.
There are several smaller sections of canyons and fishing can be very good in the pocket
water when the water levels are good.

Fly Fishing the Lower Deschutes River for Trout:
The Lower Deschutes River starts below Billy Chinook Reservoir. It flows for a hundred miles
before reaching the Columbia River. The upper part of this section consist mostly of huge
canyons. This section is classified as a National Wild and Scenic River. The section of the river
from Warm Springs downstream to Mauplin is as good as it gets. It has a very good population
of wild rainbow trout.

There are several places you can access the stream to wade but there are also some sections
as long as thirty miles without access for walk in anglers. Most anglers prefer to fish this
section from a drift boat. It will take at least two days to fish the section from Warm Springs to
Mauplin from a drift boat and most prefer to stretch that out a day or two so they can stop and
fish occasionally.

The area around Mauplin, both above and especially downstream of Mauplin to Mack's
Canyon, has plenty of access. You can catch trout in this area year-round. Keep in mind that it
can become crowded during Steelhead season.

Below Mack's Canyon downstream to the Columbia River, there's about twenty-five miles of
water that has almost no access for waders. This area is best fished from a drift boat. It is the
prime Steelhead fishing area of the Deschutes River.
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