James Marsh Fishing Doe River
Angie Marsh fishing Doe River
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Hatches and Flies for the Doe River Tennessee
Although we have taken some stream samples from this creek on two different occasions,
we are not exactly sure of all the hatches. What we will list before, we have either seen
hatch or found nymphs or larvae to document their existence. Like many other freestone
streams in this area, it seems to have a large number of different species but not but a few
of them hatch in large quantities. The headwaters run through farm country and the
stream is not nearly as acidic as many others in the area. It has a very good pH level and
that helps the insect population.

There are plenty of Little Brown Stoneflies, especially in the gorge area. They hatch mostly
in March and April. There are some Golden Stoneflies that hatch for about a month
starting the first of June and even a few Giant Black Stoneflies. The Giant Black hatch for
only about two weeks starting around the first of May. The majority of the stoneflies are
Little Yellow Stoneflies. They hatch about the second week of May for about two month
and longer. There are also some Little Green Stoneflies, especially in the lower section of
the stream. They hatch during the month of June.

Blue-winged Olives of several different species are present from about the first of March
through June. Some of these are the larger Eastern Blue=winged Olives. There is another
substantial hatch during October. It last on into the first part of November.

Quill Gordons start hatching in March. It usually last for about a month at the most. At
about the same time, Blue Quills hatch. They will last a couple of week later than the Quill
Gordons. There are even a few Hendricksons. They hatch starting about the second week
of April and only last a few days. You will find March Browns starting about the third week
of April. They hatch for about six weeks but not in any large quantities.

You will also find some Eastern Pale Evening Duns (many call these Sulphurs) and some
true Suphurs. The PEDs start in the middle of May and last about three weeks. The
Sulphurs hatch starting around the first of June for about three weeks. These are both
decent hatches. Slate Drakes are also common. They start hatching in early June and
hatch off and on for about three months but never in large quantities.

There are numerous species of caddisflies. Probably the most abundant are the
Cinnamon Sedges. They hatch from May through July. There are also some of their Little
Sisters that hatch for about a month around the middle of June.

The Green Sedges are also plentiful. Imitations of Rock Worms, the larvae of the Green
Sedge, work great in the Doe River. They hatch from the first of May through June. There
are plenty of Short-horned Sedges. They start about the middle of May and last about six
weeks. The large Giant Brown Sedges hatch during late September and October. Other
than that there are several more caddisflies that inhibit the stream but we doubt they hatch
in large numbers.

Streamers are always important, especially for the large brown trout. The stream has lots
of minnows and Sculpin. Black Dance and Sculpin streamer flies should work great. There
are also a lot of crawfish. The brown trout eat the smaller crawfish, so don't forget about a
streamer that imitates them.

Terrestrial are important anywhere from the middle of June through the first of October.
Ants, beetles, moth larvae (inch worms) and grasshoppers are plentiful along the Doe
River. You should have some flies imitating these if you fish during the summer. Craneflies
are plentiful. We have imitations of their larvae and the adults.

If you haven't already done so, please give our "Perfect Flies" a try. We are certain you will
find them very effective on the Doe River and any other stream you fish for that matter.
The stonefly nymphs are all highly realistic and have proven to catch more than their
share of trout.
Doe River Tennessee
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