Duck Creek Yellowstone National Park
Duck Creek Yellowstone National Park
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Fly Fishing Guide for Duck Creek (YNP)
These streams - Duck Creek, Cougar Creek, Maple Creek, Campanula Creek , Gneiss
Creek, and Richards Creek, are rarely fished by anyone other than the locals. They are
sleepers in our opinion. The resident trout, which are small brown and brook trout, are
fairly plentiful and every once in a while, a good one gets caught. The fall migration of
brown trout usually fills the streams with plenty of large trout. As we said in the opening
page, the locals are the only ones that fish these streams as a general rule.

You need to use longer and lighter than normal leaders and tippets most of the time
because of the slow moving water. When good hatches are occurring, it becomes less
important. The streams are difficult to wade in many areas, so you need to be cautious.
The undercut banks normally hold the better trout but there are lots of indentations along
the banks that provide good holding spots for the brown trout.

During the brown trout spawning season, streamers usually work best to take the larger
trout. These trout will move a very long distance up into the creeks so don't be afraid to
look for them well away from the nearest road access. Please don't attempt to catch them
during the actual spawning process. Fishing the redds is unsportmanlike in our opinion.

There are plenty of small brook trout but some go up to eleven inches or so. These are
usually easy to catch using attractors and generic flies.
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Duck Creek (YNP)