Dukes Creek Georgia Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Dukes Creek Georgia
When many anglers, especially the young guys and
those that haven't been fishing very long, think about
catching fish, they tend to think mostly in terms of one
thing - catching big fish. As a matter of fact, there are
some who have been fishing for a long time that also
think that way. After all, fishing should be all about
having fun and if you consider catching huge trout, even
those that have supplemental feeding to be fun, then by
all means that's a type of fishing you should pursue.

It's a rare angler that doesn't enjoy catching a big trout. I
personally don't see much difference in fishing the
"trophy streams" than fishing the heavily stocked
"delayed harvest" streams. They are extremely popular.
Whether it's your thing or not, there's one thing for
certain - trophy trout streams are popular and it seems
they have become even more popular within the last few
years. At least the numbers of "delayed harvest"
streams have increased.

Dukes Creek is a tributary to the headwaters of the
Chattahooochee River in North Georgia. The trout in its
lower section, below of the Chattahoochee Wildlife
Management Area in the Smithgall/Woods -Dukes Creek
Conservation Area, were not stocked from a hatchery
and feed. They are wild trout that receive supplemental

When Georgia anglers start thinking "big trout", they
start thinking about the several "trophy" trout streams
that are located in the state. The oldest one I know of
that's open to the public is "Dukes Creek". There are
other privately owned "trophy" trout streams that I'll be
writing about in the near future.

You have two completely different types of fishing and
fishing areas on Dukes Creek. There's a wild and
rugged, central stream section of Dukes Creek in an
area called "Dukes Creek Scenic Falls Area", which as
the name implies, has a series of waterfalls or cascades.
The stream flows through a deep gorge that isn't easy to
access. It has a good population of wild rainbow trout.
These rainbows average about five to seven inches but
they get as large as twelve. They receive little pressure
due to the difficulty in accessing the stream. The mile
long Dukes Creek Falls Trail accesses this portion of the

The state of Georgia owned "Conservation Area" of the
stream is four and a half miles long. It's open to the
public but reservations to fish must be made in advance.
It's a beautiful little stream that flows through the valley
at a moderate pace with lots of long riffles, flats, some
runs and some long pools. It's only open Wednesdays,
Saturdays and Sundays. Only 15 people per morning
and 15 people per afternoon can fish on these days. It's
open year-round. It has both rainbows and brown trout.
This stream isn't a push over by any means. You will
have to do things right to catch the trout, so if you go
there expecting a "give-me", you better think again.

You can fish the stream anytime of the year.
Spring is the best time of year to fish the river because
of the hatches.
The stream fishes fine most of the Summer.
Autumn is a great time to fish. The fall foliage along the
stream is beautiful. Brown trout spawn in the fall.
Warm winter days brings some good fishing at times

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Dukes Creek Georgia
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