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Fly Fishing Eagle Creek Oregon
Eagle Creek is a 27 mile long tributary of the Clackamas
River in the western slopes of the Cascades in northwest
Oregon. From its headwaters to the Mt. Hood National
Forest boundary, Eagle Creek is classified as Wild and
Scenic. The creek flows through a heavily forested valley
surrounded with Douglas-fir and hemlock. Eagle Creek
contains a few riffles, with numerous pools and lots of
fallen trees.  

The upper sections of Eagle Creek is stocked with
rainbow trout three times a year in July and August. The
stream has a few wild cutthroats and rainbows. Resident
cutthroat trout exist above the uppermost waterfalls.

Eagle Creek is a good winter steelhead destination that
has plenty easy access. It's the home of the Eagle Creek
National Fish Hatchery. The steelhead first start entering
Eagle Creek around the end of November but the best
fishing opportunity will probably not take place until
around the middle of December. It will continue through
the first part of March.

Coho Salmon begin to enter the Clackamas River in
August. They spawn in October and early November.
Most of the Silver Salmon average about  5 to 10
pounds and head straight for the Eagle Creek hatchery.

You should make sure you check the stream flow data
on your left before making a trip to Eagle Creek for
steelhead. It it rains heavily upstream the river can blow
out. The good news is it clears quickly. The lack of
rainfall brings about a different problem - low, clear water
conditions. This also makes it a little more difficult to
catch the steelhead.

Eagle Creek is too small of a stream to fish from a boat.
It has some good areas to fish from the bank at Bonnie
Lure Park near the mouth of the stream. There are
several places along Eagle Fern Road as well as in
Eagle Fern Creek Park. You can also hike up the
canyon below the Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery.

The fishing season is species dependent
Trout season opens April 28 but you should avoid the
Summer-run steelhead. Coho salmon start entering
Eagle Creek in August. Summer is best for trout fishing
in the headwaters
Fall is good for trout and salmon
Steelhead fishing is at its best from the middle of
December through February.

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Type of Stream

Steelhead (Hatchery)
Coho Salmon
Chinook Salmon (season closed)
Cutthroat Trout (wild)
Rainbow Trout (wild and stocked)


Northwest Oregon

Nearest Towns

Varies by species. Always check the
current regulations.


Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

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Eagle Creek
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