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Fly Fishing Guide to the Eagle River Colorado
The Eagle is one of the few remaining large freestone streams in the State of Colorado. Its
water is very diversified, ranging from a small alpine stream to fast pocket water, to a larger
river with long runs, riffles and deep pools. It takes a variety of different techniques and
strategies to fish the river successfully depending on the time of year and particular place
you are fishing.

Being a freestone river, the Eagle is subject to the conditions Mother Nature provides. It
can be low, with clear shallow water that is difficult to fish in areas, or raging with high water
impossible to fish, all depending on the amount melting snow and rainfall. The best way to
describe how you should go about fishing the Eagle River, is to say that you always need to
go with the flow. Different water levels demand different techniques.

All in all, the river is a far better nymph streams than a dry fly stream. There are some good
hatches that you will want to take advantage of, but many days you will find a "no hatch to
match" situation. Nymphs and imitations of midge and caddis larvae work during this time.

The best way to cover a lot of water and find some feeding trout is to fish the Eagle from a
drift boat. That will also allow you to fish water you otherwise cannot fish from the banks or
by wading because of the private property. Nymphs fished below strike indicators, double or
tandem rigs and streamers are popular setups to use from the drift boats. Of course the
particular rig you use depends on the season and the weather and water conditions. There
is not such a thing as a best setup or fishing method to use.
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