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Fly Fishing The East Fork Lewis River  
The East Fork of the Lewis River joins the North Fork of
the Lewis River about three miles south of Woodland.
There are several different types of water including
desirable areas for boats as well as the wading angler.
Although boats are preferred most of the time, fish are
regularly taken by wading anglers. There are also
plenty of areas for those that prefer to fish from the
banks. The upper sections of the river are generally
preferred by fly anglers but the flows mostly dictate the
areas fished.  

Wild steelhead "catch and release" is in effect
throughout the year, and spring fishing closures are in
effect to protect the native wild-run fish. There are plenty
of summer and winter hatchery steelhead smolts  
introduced. Even though fly fishing the East Fork Lewis
Riverit isn't necessarily easy all the time, It's possible to
catch a steelhead during every month of the year.

June tends to be the month of the year best for
summer-run steelhead, while December and January are
the most productive winter-run months.

The Chinook Salmon spring run tops out in the month of
April. The fall run is also popular and peaks in
September and October. The Coho Salmon run near the
same schedule.  The runs are largely controlled by the
water levels.

The areas above and below the Day Break Bridge
provides opportunity for the non-boating angler. It is also
very popular with boating anglers. From Daybreak Park
upstream to Lewisville Park, off route #503, is one of the
most popular areas for steelhead. The lower section of
the river, upstream of the North Fork-East Fork
confluence near Paradise Point State Park is a popular
area to fish at times.

Varies with species and area of the river - make sure
you see the current special regulations
The season is closed from March 16 through April 15th.
The spring Chinook Salmon run peaks in April.
Summer steelhead run from June through September
with the best fishing taking place in June.
Chinook Salmon enter the river in September and peak in
October. Coho fishing also starts in September and runs
through November.
Winter run steelhead enter the river about the middle of
November. December and January are the peak months
of the winter run.
Type of Stream

Steelhead (Summer and Winter)
Coho Salmon
Chinook Salmon (Fall and Spring)


Southwestern Washington

Nearest Towns

Varies by species and area of the


Non-Resident License
State of Washington

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