Steelhead Eighteen Mile Creek
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Fly Fishing Eighteen Mile Creek (Lake
Ontario) New York
Eighteen Mile Creek is a tributary of Lake Ontario that's
located in western New York near Olcott. It has
excellent runs of salmon, steelhead and brown trout. It's
sometimes confused with the Eighteen Mile Creek on
Lake Erie. It's also known as Burt Dam Creek.

Chinook Salmon arrive from the middle to the end of
September. The large King Salmon bring large crowds
of anglers to the stream with them. The lake run brown
trout arrive In October and November and offer fly
anglers a lot of action.. The steelhead follow the salmon
during the fall run and dine on the eggs of the spawning

Anglers can access Eighteen Mile Creek from a parking
lot on Route 78 at Burt. A trail leads down to the water
from the parking lot. In the early Fall the stream may be
overrun with anglers eager to hook a large salmon but
later on in the season, fly anglers become more
prevalent. Fly fishing Eighteen Mile Creek can be a
great experience all through the winter months on into
Spring. The stream doesn't freeze over because it's a
bottom discharge tailwater.

Anglers drift a very short section of water in Eighteen
Mile Creek just below Burt Dam. There's also the famous
turbine hole and overflow pool at the dam. The stream is
fishable to just downstream of the trestle bridge. Wading
is usually quite easy provided you don't step in a hole
when the water is dingy or you aren't being careful.. The
white water just below the dam can be dangerous and
should be avoided when wading.

Anglers are often discouraged by dingy water from
heavy rain and melting snow, but low visibility doesn't
necessarily mean the fishing will be bad. Steelhead and
brown trout can be caught in dingy, off-colored water if
the right flies are used. Extremely clear water is just as,
and sometimes even more difficult to fish.

Fly fishing Eighteen Mile Creek is usually done using
traditional fishing methods of swinging the fly. Nymph
type fishing techniques are also used effectively. Many
anglers using strike indicators and drift egg flies.

The steelhead season runs from September to mid-May.
Steelhead fishing continues from the cold winter on into
the spring months until as late as the first of May.
During the Summer, the water is too low and too warm
for trout or steelhead.
Brown trout fishing is best from early October to the end
of November. Chinook and Coho Salmon run in the Fall.
steelhead follow them.
All but the very coldest days of Winter are good for
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout (some)
Coho Salmon
Chinook Salmon


Northwesternl New York

Nearest Town

Species Dependent


Special Regulations
Yes, check for current regulations

Non-Resident License
State of New York

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