Eleven Point River Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing The Eleven Point River
The Eleven Point River is a beautiful stream that's a
National Wild and Scenic River. It's actually a big spring
river that provides approximately twenty miles of water
that holds a good population of wild and stocked
rainbow trout. The river is fed by Greer Spring, the tenth
largest spring in the world.

Greer Spring and its branch are located on private
property. The Eleven Point River fishing begins at the
mouth of Greer Spring Branch. The river is located in
the Mark Twain National Forest and the Irish Wilderness.
The Irish Wilderness is a very wild and rugged area that
requires hiking to reach the river.

The Eleven Point River exist above the Green Spring
Branch but it's much cooler and almost double in size
below the Greer Spring confluence due to the cold
spring water.  

The section of the river from the mouth of Greer Spring
Branch downstream for 5.5 miles to the Turner Mill
Access is designated as Blue Ribbon Trout Water. Only
artificial lures and flies may be used and only one
rainbow trout of over 18 inches may be creeled. That
means the trout taken to eat from the Eleven Point River
Blue Ribbon section are few and far between.

Floating is the most popular way of fly fishing the Eleven
Point River. Access to its water in the Blue Ribbon
section isn't exactly easy. Other than a few dirt roads
that permit you to access the river by making a short
hike, Greer Access located on highway #19 and Turner
Mill Access is about it.

The White Ribbon section of the Eleven Point River is
heavily stocked. This section starts at Turner Mill Access
and continues downstream. Access to this section of the
stream is provided at Turner Mill, McDowell, Whitten,
Springs and Riverton Access locations. There are also a
few unpaved roads in the area that provide access.

The stream has several species of mayflies and
caddisflies as well as plenty of terrestrial insects. The
water is clear and the wild trout are not pushovers.
Matching the natural food is a big plus for this stream.

Fly fishing the Eleven Point River can be good
Trout can be taken during the Winter on nice warm
days, especially in the upper Blue Ribbon section. The
water stays near the same temperature year-round. .  
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the Eleven
Point River.
Since the water is cooled by springs, it stays cool
enough for trout in the Blue Ribbon area but it can get
very low and clear at times..
Fall is a prime time for fly fishing the Eleven Point River.

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Type of Stream
Spring Creek (River)

Rainbow Trout (Wild and stocked
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South Central Missouri

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Easy to difficult

Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Missouri

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USGS Stream Level Data:
Near Bardley

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