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Fly Fishing Guide for Elk Creek, Pennsylvania
If you can fish during a hatch, you will be far better off. This reduces the caution the wild
browns seem to have and fooling them is much easier. The sulphur hatch is one of the better
ones although there are several hatches as you can see from reading our hatch section.
When they trout are not feeding on emerging insects or spinners, they will be hidden and you
will usually have to fish during low light conditions or in or under heavy cover such as undercut
banks. We don't want to make it sound to difficult, because it isn't as long as you use some
proven tactics and methods of fishing clear, spring creeks.

Streamers work well anytime heavy rains dingy the water. They also work much better when it
is cloudy and overcast. Otherwise, you should fish them very early in the morning or late in the
afternoons just prior to dark. Well placed presentations that present the streamers in and
under the heavy cover can be very effective.

When the water is cold, meaning fifty degrees or less, imitations of midge larvae and pupae
work best. These should be fished on very light, long tippets of 6X or 7X sizes. They can be
very effective.

Imitations of scuds and sowbugs work great at times. Fish them without an indicator. It is best
to spot individual trout and fish to them as opposed to blind casting. You will find the trout are
somewhat easier to catch from the few riffles and runs but rarely do they hold the larger brown
trout. The larger fish stay in deep water in the pools or well hidden under something.

The best way to catch trout from Elk Creek is to get our hatch chart and fish the major
hatches. The Blue-winged Olives, consisting of several species, last over a longer period of
time than any and is always a good hatch to fish. The Tricos hang around for a long period of
time but are in general, more difficult to fish. Probably the easiest time to catch trout is during
the Green Drake or Sulphur hatch. If you stay well hidden, make good drag free presentations,
you will be able to fool your share of Elk Creek's fine wild trout.
Elk Creek
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