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Fly Fishing Guide for the Esopus River New York
The Esopus River is one of New York's better trout streams. It's rainbow trout are wild. It's
brown trout are also wild but they are supplemented by stocking.

The uppermost part of the stream, above the portal, flows mostly through private property but
there's some places you can access it. In this section, the stream falls at a fairly steep
decline. This section, just over eight miles in length, runs from Winnisook to Big Indian. It is
narrow and consist mostly of pocket water. The fish are plentiful but not as large as they are
in the larger sections of the stream.

From Birch Creek downstream for about five miles to the portal at Allaben, the stream
changes from a narrow creek to a wide stream because of increased flow from four tributary
streams. The first is Birch Creek, then Bushnellsville Creek, Fox Hollow Creek and Peck
Hollow Creek. It is primarily pocket water.

From the Portral downstream to Stony Clove Creek, a distance of about four miles, the river
or creek, whichever you want to call it, widens even more. The water from three more
tributaries are added to its flow - Broadstreet Hollow Creek, Woodland Valley Creek and
Stony Clove Creek. There's several large pools in this section of the river but it's still basic
pocket water with riffles and runs.

From Stony Clove Creek the stream flows another eight miles down to Ashokan. It continues
to be quite wide, up to a hundred feet wide in places, with some large pools, big pockets yet
still plenty of runs and riffles. This section also has plenty of rainbow trout. The rainbows
average about ten to twelve inches in length and are all wild trout. The browns are larger and
are both wild and stocked.

There's one disadvantage to fishing this wonderful trout stream. Tubes, kayaks, canoes and
other similar type recreational boating is very popular during the summer. Another thing some
anglers consider a disadvantages is the color of the water. It stays a little cloudy and at times,
can even get a little muddy but it doesn't seem to affect the fishing very much.
Esopus River
New York
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