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Fly Fishing Guide for the East Walker River in California

The Nevada water consist of two sections, one a private ranch. The other is  U. S.
Forest Service land and open to the public for fishing. It consist mostly of low decline,
smooth flowing water with long, deep pools and some low gradient riffles and runs.
There's a special regulation section at this location.

The second Nevada section begins at the start of another canyon section. At the end of
the canyon, the river flows through meadows. This part of the river, called the Elbow,
has undercut banks and a few shallow runs and riffles. It is on private land but open to
the public for fishing.

You have to use a variety of methods and techniques to fish the East Walker River.
With the different types of water and constantly changing water levels, you must be
willing to change strategies very often. There are times dry fly fishing is good but most
of the time, nymphs and streamers outperform the dry flies.

The better section of the stream is considered by most anglers to be the California
sections. Be certain to keep up with the discharges and stream levels. It will set the
stage for the type of water and places you should fish. Be prepared to fish anything
from midge imitations to large streamers. If you have a choice as to when to fish the
river, we would suggest the fall season.

About forty percent of the river’s trout are rainbow trout. They too, grow to large sizes.
There are also plenty of Mountain Whitefish. They can add to the pleasure of fly fishing
the East Walker River.
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Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
East Walker River