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Hatches and Trout Flies for the East Walker River California
The river has a large number of different species of forage fish that contributes to
the growth rate of the trout n the East Walker River. It is a slick river because it
contains a lot of algae, which also accounts for its huge net-spinning caddisfly

MIdges are one of the most important insects to imitate. They are especially
important when nothing else is hatching, and considering the season is open
year-round, that is much of the time. Make sure you have imitations of the larvae,
puape and adults. Winter is the prime midge fishing season.

Little Yellow Stoneflies hatch from June through August. These are called Yellow
Sallies by most anglers. Golden Stoneflies are fairly plentiful in the river. The
nymphs can be active anywhere from the first of April to May first. The hatch
usually occurs during June.

Blue-winged Olives hatch in March and April. These are bi-brooded and hatch
again in September and October. The Spring hatch is off and on and not very
reliable, but if it occurs while you are there fishing, you would want to be able to
imitate the insects.

Caddisflies are very plentiful on the river. They hatch just from April all the way to
October, depending on the particular species. The most abundant ones are
species of Spotted Sedges, which are net-spinning caddisflies. These caddisflies
hatch from about the end of May through September.

There's some Short-horned Sedges and Green Sedges that hatch in June and
July, but remember, the water levels are usually very high during the summer due
to irrigation needs, so you are usually fishing this hatch and other aquatic insect
hatches from the banks around the edges of the stream. Several other minor
hatches of caddisflies occur during the year.

Tricos are one of the major mayfly hatches that takes place on the East Walker. It
occurs in the late summer and early fall, usually starting about the middle of August
and lasting through September. This hatch can provide some excellent dry fly
fishing,  provided you can manage the little flies necessary to imitate them.

July, August and September is terrestrial season. High winds and lots of grass
along the banks provide the excellent setup for the land based insects to get into
the water. Imitations of grasshoppers, ants and beetles all produce. You are mostly
confined to bank fishing, but the flies can produce some good catches even in high

Crayfish and baitfish streamer fly imitations work great for much of the year. They
usually account for the largest trout caught, so make certain you have plenty  
streamers with you.

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Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
Photo Courtesy of Gary Paepke
East Walker River
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