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Hatches and Flies for Falling Springs Branch Pennsylvania

This stream used to be national well known for its huge Sulphur and Trico hatches. These
mayflies still exist but not near the quantities they did at one time.

Blue-winged Olives, consisting of several different species hatch from around the first of April
until Fall. The heavier hatches usually occur in April and early May and again in late
September and October.

Blue Quills normally start hatching around the second or third week of April and last for about
a month. Light Cahill hatch is limited numbers starting around the first of May. This hatch last
about a month.

Sulphurs probably still provide the best hatch of the season. It normally starts by mid May and
last until near the end of June. The Trico hatch can also be good and last much longer but
the hatch isn't the large hatches that once occurred on this stream. It normally starts about
the first of June and can last until the first week or two of October, depending on the weather.

Several different species of caddisflies are present in the stream starting with April hatches of
Little Black Caddis. Cinnamon and Spotted Sedges (net spinners) represent the great
majority of the caddisfly hatches. They start in May and last through September. Other minor
caddisflies exist in the stream. Like most spring creeks, cressbug (sowbugs) and scuds are
an important source of food for the trout.

Terrestrials are very important during the summer. From June through the first frost,
imitations of grasshoppers, beetles and ants produce well. The stream flows through a lot of
grass providing an ideal habitat for these insects.

We recommend our own "Perfect Flies" because they are realistic and proven to catch trout
on spring creeks. Be sure to try our Scuds and Sowbug imitations on this stream.
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Falling Springs
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