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Fly Fishing Guide for Falling Springs Branch Pennsylvania

The way you should fish the two different areas of water varies depending on the area you
are fishing. The stocked trout can be caught using a lot of different methods, especially not
long after they have been stocked.

Catching the wild trout, is an entirely different thing. They are no pushovers. It is very
possible to catch them but you are going to have to use all your skills. You must use light,
long leaders and tippets. You must match the hatch if a hatch is occurring. The trout can
become very selective.

An effective way to fish is to fish to an individual trout. This requires spending some time
stalking the trout but it can be worth it. You can catch trout in the faster water of the short
runs and riffles, but they are usually the smaller trout. It pays to just water the water and
make far fewer cast than you would blind casting a typical trout stream.
Falling Springs
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