Oregon's Fall River
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Fly Fishing Guide to the Fall River Oregon
Fly fishing the Fall River in Oregon can be a challenge at times as we stated in the
introduction. That's because the stream is very clear and has a good supply of food for the
trout. They can afford to be selective and still get all they need to eat. Your flies should be as
imitative of the real insects as possible.

As with fishing any spring creek, its always a good idea to take your time stringing up your rod.
You should spend some time watching the water before you begin to cast. Sight casting to
trout, whether they are rising or just lying on the bottom feeding, is far more effective than blind
casting. You can spook a lot of trout blind casting. If your fly doesn't hit in the right place for a
trout to take it, you have to consider the fish you may have spooked otherwise when the fly line
landed on the ultra clear water.

Use polarized sunglasses and search the water carefully looking for trout before you begin to
cast. You must not allow the trout to see you first. Keep a low profile and try to move as slowly
as possible. Sudden movement gets their attention as quick as anything. Wear subdued
colored clothing instead of bright colors.

You will need to use longer than normal leaders and tippets. The lighter you go the better. At
times you may even need to use a 7X tippet. I recommend a nine foot leader at the shortest
and in many cases you will need to use a 12 foot leader. This is covered in our gear page of
the Fall River but I mention it again because of its importance.

There's no such thing as a best spot to fish in the Fall River. Trout exist throughout its length.
The more searching you do, the better chance your will have at catching a good many trout.
This also helps you find larger trout. The current flows smoothly in the Fall River and the fly
must drift drag free if you are to expect success. This is critical. Avoid blind casting as much as
possible. If you make a bad cast, give the fly plenty of time to get away from the fish or area
you cast to before picking up the line to make another cast.
Fall River, Oregon
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