Fall River falls in Yellowstone National Park
Angie Marsh fishing Fall River Yellowstone
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Fly Fishing Fall and Bechler Rivers -
Yellowstone National Park
The Fall River is sometimes called the Falls River, which
can get a little confusing. The Bechler River is a
tributary of the Fall River but is considered a separate
stream by many because it's a rather large stream. Both
streams lie in the Southwestern corner of the park, often
called the Cascade Corner due to its many waterfalls.

There's little access to the Fall River via automobile and
none to the Bechler River. You must hike into the park
to fish anywhere on these streams other than the Fall
River near its exist from the park. The entire
Southeastern section of the park consist mostly of lakes
and waterfalls or cascades. In fact, there is really little
access from the trails. Most of the time the South
Boundary Trail is a good ways from the River although it
roughly follows it for almost thirty miles.

The Falls River drains just about the Cascade Corner of
the park, including the Bechler River and all of both their
tributaries. The trout in the Fall River probably only
average about ten inches but they are plentiful and fun
to catch. The Bechler Meadows section has some nice
size trout but they are not easy to catch.

The bottom line to fly fishing the Fall River and/or the
Bechler River is that unless you plan on fishing a very
short sections of the rivers, your going to need to do
some hiking.

The season usually doesn't really get underway in the
Cascade Corner of the park until about the first of July.
The calendar year springtime fishing as such is usually
destroyed by the runoff or water too cold to fish.
Late summertime is the best time to fish the Lewis and
Bechler Rivers.
Early Fall can be an excellent time for fly fishing the
Bechler River Meadows.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Fall River
The Fall River is a large stream by the time is gets near
the park's boundary. Fly fishing the Fall River can be
tough or easy depending on many factors.  
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Type of Stream

Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout
Cutbow Trout (Hybrid)
Brook Trout


Northwestern Wyoming, YNP

Nearest Towns
Ashton, Idaho

Last of May - October


Park License
Yellowstone National Park License

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Fall River, YNP
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