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Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Trout Flies for the Farmington River

Fly Fishing Gear:
The gear you need varies little because the fish sizes are fairly consistent. Rainbow and
holdover Brown Trout up to 20 inches and over are caught often. Most of the trout will
probably be brown trout that average about 12 inches. Many go up to around 16 inches.
Rainbows have been caught up to 18 inches.

Fly Line:
Most of the fishing can be done with a five or six weight floating, weight forward fly line.

You should have leaders ranging from size 0X for streamers up to 6X for midges. They
should range from seven and one-half feet to twelve feet in length.

You should have spare tippet material in the same sizes as the leaders mentioned above.

Fly Rods:
A six weight, nine foot long fly rod in a medium fast action would work quite well for just about
any of the fly fishing. It would be ideal for nymphing and small streamers. I would suggest a
five weight for the dry fly fishing. It should be a moderately fast to fast action rod of nine feet
in length.

Fly Reels:
The fly reels you use should have a good disc drag. The larger Brown and Rainbow Trout
can take plenty of line. I wouldn't want to hook an 18 inch rainbow trout on a clicker drag.

I would recommend waders although it is possible to fish strictly from the bank.

Wading Boots:
Felt soles work fine for this stream but you may want to consider the newer rubber soles to
help prevent the spread of didymo.

Wading Staff:
A wading staff would be considered optional but would probably be a good idea for many
anglers. There can be some tough to negotiate waters depending on the discharges.

Trout Flies:
We recommend our "Perfect Flies" for the Farmington River. We feel like our specific
imitations of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and midges are the best flies you can purchase.
We have specific imitations of everything that hatches in the Farmington River. Our
streamers are also very effective on large brown trout. If you haven't already done so, we
hope you will give them a try.
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