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Hatches and Trout Flies for Fishing Creek Pennsylvania

Fishing Creek has a tremendous population of aquatic insects and crustaceans. It has a high
pH level and supports many different species as well as quantities. It is a very fertile stream.

From the first of March through the middle of April you will find some Little Brown or Early
Stoneflies hatching. There are hatches of Little Winter Stonflies throughout most of the

The stream has several Blue-winged Olive species including large numbers of the larger
Eastern BWOs. Different species hatch starting around the last week or two of March until
near the middle of June. A second round of hatches occur from late August through the
middle of October.

From around the first of April and continuing throughout the month, hatches of Blue Quills will
occur on Fishing Creek. Almost the same time interval, hatches of Quill Gordons will occur.
You will find them in the fast water sections. From about the middle of April, until early in the
month of May, Hendrickson hatches take place. This is a great hatch on Fishing Creek.

From about the middle of April until the end of April, Fishing Creek will have a good hatch of
Brachcentrus Caddis, or American Grannoms. This is one of the better caddisfly hatches of
the year. Cinnamon Caddis are plentiful from the first of June through September. Green
Caddis are very plentiful. The stream is full of their larvae, or green rock worms. Great
Autumn Brown Caddisflies hatch during September and October.

American March Browns hatch from about the first of May until the first of June. Sulphurs and
Eastern Pale Evening mayflies hatch from about the middle of May through the middle of
June. Light Cahills hatch during the same time interval. From late May until the middle of
June, Fishing Creek has a good Eastern Green Drake hatch. From the middle of May
through the month of September, you will find hatches of Slate Drakes.

Scuds and Sowbugs are plentiful in Fishing Creek. They are one of the main parts of the
trout's diet in the stream. Imitations of them work year-round. There are also plenty of
crayfish. Large brown trout will eat them, so don't overlook them.

Minnows, baitfish and sculpin are also plentiful. Streamer imitations of them work year-round.
These are great flies for a large, trophy brown trout. Fish them in low light situations such as
early and late in the day and during heavy clouded conditions.

Terrestrial insects become important during the Summer. Imitations of grass hoppers and
crickets, ants and beetles are effective from about the middle of June through the month of

We recommend "Perfect Flies". They have been proven to work on Fishing Creek. Our scuds
and sowbugs are especially useful as well as our simi-realistic imitations of all the mayflies,
caddisflies and stoneflies that exist in the stream. If you haven't done so already, please give
them a try. We are confident you will be back for more. Over seventy-eight percent of our
customers have done just that.
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