Copyright 2013 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Guide for Fishing Creek Pennsylvania

The first time we ever fished Fishing Creek was near the end of August several years ago.
We fished the "narrows" then after we finally found that section of the stream. I thought it was
beautiful and must have a trout behind every rock. Well, it may have but they didn't want to
take my flies and the result was that Angie caught one small brown trout and I didn't catch a
single trout in over three hours of fishing. The water was quite low but still very cool.

There are some deep holes along the pocket water section in the Narrows. It looks much like
a freestone, mountain stream in its upper parts, that is if you ignore the cloud of fog lying low
over the water or begin to look closely at the water. It is pure spring water and it is slick.

The following day, we went back to the Narrows and I managed to catch three nice brown
trout in about three hours of fishing. They were between twelve and fourteen inches long.
The action was slow and I had to fish a small Blue-winged Olive nymph imitation to do that.
Since then, we have done much better on several trips over the last few years.

I fish Fishing Creek in an upstream direction making a lot of short cast. I don't use a strike
indicator. I just weight the fly a few inches above it with split shot until I get the right amount of
weight to keep in near the bottom. I don't use the "high stickin" method. That doesn't work
very well in Fishing Creek, especially during the low water times. I simply cast up and across
and watch and feel the line to detect the takes.

Fishing Creek can be a very difficult stream to fish, especially when the water is low and very
clear. I am strictly speaking of wild trout and not referring to the stocked trout areas of the
stream. Pressure from a lot of anglers on such a small area of the creek (the Narrows) takes
its toll on the 'catching' part.

During our best day there, and probably eight hours of actual fishing (one at a time), we
managed to catch 15 brown trout. That is easy to determine from our video shot logs. They
probably averaged about 12 inches but that is a guess since we didn't measure any but the
very largest. However you want to look at it, that is a good catch of wild brown trout. That
occurred on a day that the stream was very crowded. It was during the Hendrickson hatch.

Fishing Creek has several good hatches. The water is full of aquatic insects. There are
several species of caddisflies present. I don't think we have ever found as many large rock
worms or free-living caddisfly larvae as we have at Fishing Creek. There appears to be a
large population of Little Black/strawberry chimney cased caddis there also. It also has a
huge amount of net-spinning caddis, or Cinnamon Caddis present.
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