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Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Trout Flies - Flat Creek Wyoming
Fly Line:
We recommend a 4 weight, floating fly line for the trout in Flat Creek.

Leaders should range in sizes from a 2X for streamers up to a 7X for small dry
flies. Lengths ranging from seven and one-half feet up to 9 feet in length are
suggested. Short leaders work great in the fast water where short cast are necessary.

You should have plenty of extra tippet material ranging from 2X to 7X.

Fly Rods:
For the 4 weight line, or lighter if you prefer, we suggest a four weight medium fast or
fast action fly rod from eight to nine feet in length.

Fly Reels:
The fly reel you use for the 4 weight line should be light and have a decent drag.

We recommend waders anywhere you choose to fish Flat Creek. We prefer the
breathable type but you may want to consider

Wading Boots:
We recommend felt soles for your wading boots.

Wading Staff:
A wading staff would be purely optional.

Landing Net:
A landing net is strictly an optional item.

Trout Flies:
We recommend "Perfect Fly" trout flies. They are the most realistic and effective trout
flies you can purchase. Our mayflies and caddisfly imitations have proven successful on
Flat Creek many times as well as most other Wyoming streams. We also have a wide
selection of terrestrial imitations.
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