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Fly Fishing Flint Creek Montana
Flint Creek is a great little Montana brown trout stream.
It flows from the much better known Georgetown Lake to
its confluence with the Clark Fork River. This is a small
stream that unless you know a land owner, must be
accessed from one of several road crossings to fish. It
flows though private property just about its entire
course. The river is too small to float.

Although most of the trout are brown trout, there are a
few rainbows and cutthroat trout in its upper section
near the lake.

The flows vary greatly and can become very low at
certain times of the year. However, it maintains enough
to ensure a good population of brown trout even on low
flows. There are plenty of deep pools and undercut
banks that provide cover for the brown trout.

Most access points are from bridges. The further you
get from the access points, the better off you are. Flint
Creek is fished mostly from near the bridges. Getting
away from the easy to fish water usually provides a good

Contrary to what many believe, the stream has a decent
population of aquatic insects, as well as a variety of
baitfish and sculpin. Although the brown trout average
about a foot long, there's some that grow much larger.
Catching one up to eighteen inches isn't a rare feat.

During the warmer months of the year, most anglers
prefer using imitations of terrestrial insects. The banks
of Flint Creek are lined with grass and brush  and
there's plenty of ants, beetles and grass hoppers that
get into the water for the trout to eat.

Fly fishing Flint Creek can be good any day of the
season depending on the weather and water levels.
Late Springtime is usually a good time for fly fishing Flint
Summertime is usually okay provided the water levels
are decent.
Early Autumn fly fishing opportunities can be very good.
The brown trout spawn in the fall months.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout


North Western Montana

Nearest Towns

3rd Sat. May - Nov 30th

Poor, limited mostly to bridges

Non-Resident License
State of Montana

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USGS Stream Flow Data:
Near Maxville
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Flint Creek Montana Fishing Report:
11/09/13 Customers reporting good catches
of large browns using our Perfect fly Brown
Sculpin Streamer. Two over 18 inches one
day and one 22 the day before. Only fishing
about 2 hours a day. Brown trout are
01/30/14 Season closed November 30.
Open again 3rd Saturday of May. Please
check back for our fishing reports at that
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05/31/14 The general trout season is
back open, so let us hear your fishing
06/24/14 Most anglers rather keep their
good catches a secret on this little stream
but one of our customers let the cat out of
the bag. He caught four browns over 18
inches in one day this past week.
10/18/14 We don't report on Flint Creek
often but when we do it deserves it.
Customer catching a 25 inch brown trout
on our
Brown Sculpin.
12/04/14 A regular customer has caught
several trout everytime the weather has
been half decent. He is using
nymphs size 18 and the Sculpin linked
02/07/15 We have received two good