Angie Marsh Forney Creek
Angie Marsh fishing Forney Creek GSMNP
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Fly Fishing Guide for Forney Creek (GSMNP) North Carolina
Since getting to Forney Creek either requires a long hike, or crossing Fontana Lake to
access the stream, we suggest you travel with the minimum amount of fly gear. For
example, if you fish the stream during the summer months, you wouldn't have to take
waders. You could wet wade.

If you crossed the lake by boat and plan on fishing the lower section of the stream, you
could stay at campsite #74 located on the lower end of the stream. You could also hike
in from the headwater area. This would not be a short hike either, but a way you may
want to consider if you fished the upper headwaters area that is rarely fished by
anyone. There are three other campsites on Forney Creek - 68, 69 and 70. You can
also hike in from the end of the Lake Shore Road (Road to No Where) that leads out
of Bryson City. That requires a three and a half mile hike. I believe the regulations
allow horses, so if you would consider a horseback trip, you may want to check that out.
Forney Creek is mostly tightly enclosed by a canopy of tree limbs. There are few
places that are open where you can cast very far or easily. You don't want to make
long cast anyway. Short, upstream presentation work the best. Most of the stream,
particular in the upper sections, has fast water with short runs, riffles and small pools. It
is best to fish the fast water current seams. Getting a drag free drift isn't easy in the
small streams of the Smokies and you are better off in most cases holding the tip of
the fly rod high as you can and keeping most of the fly line off the water. The less fly
line you have in the conflicting currents, the better off you are.

These trout see very few flies, even in the lower area of the stream. They are usually
very responsive to generic or attractor flies. However, you are always better off fishing  
imitations of something hatching or about to hatch. The trout are going to eat whatever
is the most plentiful and readily obtainable. Fishing imitations of what may be hatching
in the near future is usually the best option.

Be sure that someone is fishing Forney Creek with you. It's not a place you would want
to be alone. If you should break a leg or have a medical problem, you would be by
yourself until you vanished most likely. We have only meet one guy that has fished this
stream. I am sure there are plenty that have, but the two occasions we have been
there, I feel certain Angie and I were the only ones on the stream. There wasn't even
anyone at the first campsite. This is strictly a stream for the anglers that love remote
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