Freemont River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Fremont River Utah
The Fremont River fishing is really controlled by the
water releases, or lack thereof, from the reservoirs
along the river. The upper section, below Johnson
Valley Reservoir, flows through forest service land and
enters Mill Meadow Reservoir.

This Upper section of the Fremont River is about
seven miles long and has a good population of wild
brown trout, stocked rainbow and tiger trout from Mill
Meadow Reservoir. There's also a few brook trout in this
section. You do have to hike into the upper section.

Fly fishing the Fremont River in its upper section is our
favorite stretch due to the fact it receives little
pressure and has some good size brown trout,
especially during the fall during the spawning season.
The larger brown trout move upstream out of the
reservoir to spawn. The water lies at a higher elevation
than the lower section of the river and therefore stays
cooler most of the time.

Many springs along the way also help cool the water and
in addition, provides a higher pH that produces lots of
food in the form of aquatic insects.  There's plenty of
cover along the banks as well as in the water.

Below Johnson Valley Reservoir, the Fremont River
flows through a valley and the small towns of Fremont,
Loa and Lyman. This is mostly private property
but there's a few places the stream can be fished.
Downstream from Bicknell Bottoms, the Fremont River
flows through a canyon.

The Lower Fremont River is a beautiful stream. Some
call it the Red River because of the red rock
mountains on both sides of the valley. This twelve mile
long section flows mostly through private property with
few public access points. The river flows into Capitol
Reef National Park.

Although it is a series of tailwaters, the aquatic insect
population is very good. The springs in the upper part
has a higher than normal pH and this supports a lot of
insects. The majority are midges in numbers but there
are a few mayflies, quite a few species of caddisflies,
and even a couple of stonefly species found in the
Fremont River. Midges are mostly cream and blood or
red midges. Spotted sedges and Little Sister Caddis are
the most plentiful caddisflies. There are also some Little
Black Caddis and a few other species not so important.
Terrestrial insects are not that plentiful but there are
plenty of Carpenter ants, mostly black, but some are
brown. There's a few hoppers and some Japanese
beetles that can become important in the fall months.

Give us a call, or send us and email and we can update
you on the most plentiful and available insects to imitate
at the particular time you plan to fish, and of course,
provide you a list of specific imitations (fleis) to do that.

You can fish the river year-round.
The fishing can be good in a few places provided the
weather permits you can access them.
Springtime is the best time to fish the Fremont River..
Fly fishing Currant Creek during the Summer is good
near springs and in its uppermost section.
The autumn season is an excellent time for fly fishing
the Fremont River because its wild brown trout spawn
during the Fall.

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