Angie Marsh fishing Gibbon River
Gibbon River Wyoming
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Fly Fishing the Gibbon River Wyoming
The Gibbon River starts out in Yellowstone National Park
on a plateau from Grebe Lake as a small stream. It flows
from there into Wolf Lake and out of it through some
fairly steep gradients into Virginia Meadows. From there
it flows through the Virginia Cascades into Norris
Meadows. There are some small rainbows in the upper
fast water sections, but the trout are mostly brook trout in
the meadows.

The river meanders back and forth through Norris
Meadows and then through a fast water section into Elk
Park, another large meadow. This water is a combination
of slow smooth sections and some fast short riffles with
some nice size rainbow and brown trout.

From Elk Park it flows into Gibbons Meadows, another
large smooth water section with larger trout. From there
the river continues at a steeper decline for a few miles
down to the Gibbon Falls.

Below the falls is a deep canyon section where the
stream eventually slows down and flows into the lower
Gibbon Meadows. The fish in the fast water sections are
not as large as some in the upper meadows, but they are
generally much easier to catch and more plentiful.

There's an exception to the size of the fish in the lower
meadows. During the early Fall, large brown trout move
into the lower Gibbon to spawn. The Gibbon River flows
through the lower meadows where it joins the Firehole
River to form the most famous trout stream in the United
States - the Madison River.

Fly fishing the Gibbon River can consist of a wide variety
of fly fishing opportunities ranging for small brook trout to
large brown trout. It all depends on where you fish the
river. Other than the meadows, the river is primarily
consist of fast flowing riffles and pocket water. There's
also a few pools mixed in making up the classic riffle, run,
pool configuration.

The Gibbon is never a large stream from start to finish. If
you enjoy fishing small stream, you will love fly fishing the
Gibbon River.

The Yellowstone fishing season is relatively short, with
most streams open from June to November.
The Yellowstone Spring season is very short but the
Gibbon River is usually one of the first streams to clear in
the park.
Summer is the most popular time for fly fishing the
Gibbon River.
Fall fishing on the lower Gibbon can be very good.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Gibbon River
Fishing the Gibbon River requires a lot of different
methods and tactics.
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Gibbon River (YNP)
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