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Fly Fishing The Grande Ronde River
The Grande Ronde River begins in the Blue Mountains
of Oregon and flows for about thirty miles into the Snake
River in the Southeastern corner of Washington. We
have a
separate section on the Oregon portion of the
river. Fly fishing the Grande Ronde River is a very
unique experience. Most all the Washington section of
the river flows through a rugged wilderness canyon area.

Steelhead begin entering the Grande Ronde River as
early as October. The exact timing and numbers of
steehead that enter the river from the Snake River
depends on the water level and temperature.  The best
steelhead fishing usually doesn't begin until late October
or early Novermber.

The Grande Ronde River flows along a valley that's far
below the top of the rock canyon walls that surround it.
The river has a rock bottom that's very slick. The stream
can be divided into three sections. The uppermost two
can be reached by descending down into to a deep
canyon and the lower section from roads that provide
easy access.

The upper section in Washington is called Bogans
Oasis: You access this section by going down a steep
mountain road called Rattle Snake Grade. This section
fishes best in the early part of Spring. Steelhead
hatcheries are located upstream in Oregon. There's a
take out about 10 miles downstream at Shoemakers

Shoemakers Grade can be reached by gravel roads
from Anatone. This is anther steep dropoff from the
canyon rim and one that can be very slick after a rain.
This section has a road that parallels the river for
several miles. I's a very popular section of the river for
good reasons. There are usually a lot of fish caught
here. The lower end of this section flows through a very
narrow canyon with class 5 rapids called the Narrows.
We suggest you only pass through this section with an
experienced guide or by portage around the area.

The lower section is only about 4 miles long before it
enters the Snake River at Hellers Bar. It can be
accessed from both sides of the river by road. Needless
to say, this is a popular section to fish.

Also see "Seasons" on the left side of the page
Fly fishing the Grande Ronde River continues into April.
Fish can be caught as early as June but the best
steelhead fishing starts in September. Smallmouth bass
fishing is great in the Summer months
October and November continues the great steelhead
Fish are in the river all Winter. Fishing depends greatly
on the weather and accessibility.
Type of Stream

Summer Run Steelhead (native and
Rainbow trout
Smallmouth Bass


Southeastern Washington

Nearest Towns

Lower River Catch and Release Only)
Fishing season open June 1-April 30

Good but some of the river is

Non-Resident License
State of Washington

National Weather Service Link

USGS Real-time Stream Data: Troy

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3/21/15 Rain and higher water levels brought some new fish into the river but the levels are
back down and the "catching" slowed down.
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12/01/18 Fishing Report
(bottom of page)
03/28/15 Customers reporting several fish were caught this past week. Conditions are good.
04/15/15 Steelhead season closed. We will resume the reports when the season opens
06/06/15 Trout season opens today. BWOs, March Browns, Little Black Caddis and midges
are the main aquatic insects hatching. Golden stoneflies will start hatching fairly soon.
06/27/15 Sorry for the lack of reports. Lots of trout are being caught. Very low water levels
exist, so be sure and check that out.
07/31/15 Very warm water temps. We recommend not fishing when the water temperature
is in excess of 69 degrees. The trout become lethargic and can easily be stressed.
08/08/15 Smallmouth bass fishing is very good right now. The water is still marginal as far
as trout fishing is concerned.
08/29/15 Smallmouth bass fishing has remained excellent with lots of bass caught on our
smalmouth bass flies by our customers. Trout fishing should improve soon with rain and
cooler weather moving in
09/05/15 Anglers are catching some trout again. The river is in much better condition.
Smallmouth bass fishing is still red hot.
09/12/15 Great smallmouth fishing, some trout being caught.
09/26/15 Two very good reports from the past week on large numbers of smallmouth being
caught and on top at that. They are using our Perfect Fly Stealth Bomber.
10/10/15 Lots of steelhead are in the river and some are being caught. We got a good report
from a local customer who was catching them swinging and nymphing. It is still early and more
fish should be arriving this month.
10/24/15 Three good reports from the last ten days or so. Some are even being caught on dry
flies on top. Swinging flies have taken the majority of the steelhead.
Perfect Fly Steelhead
Smallmouth Bass fishing website
sponsored by Perfect Fly
10/31/15 A good amount of rain has brought a lot more steelhead in the river and they are
being caught in decent numbers. The levels are falling and the "catching" should get better as it
11/14/15 A lot of steelhead are being caught. Conditions have been very good. Our customers
are swinging flies, nymphing and using egg flies, depending on the stream levels.
11/28/15 Steelhead are still being caught but the water is low and very clear and that is
causing many anglers problems. Fish nymphs and eggs, rather than swinging flies. Lots of rain
is in the forecast for this coming week and that should improve the conditions. The
Beadhead Crystal Egg fly and light shades of the Estaz egg flies are working good. The Green
Sedge Steelhead larva fly is also catching fish.
12/05/15 The water has been cold and there has been some ice but it is warming up a little and
enough to help and hopefully clear it. Fish SH nymphs in the pool bottoms slowly. They use too
much energy fighting fast current. Fish the slack current holes and areas of the stream.
12/12/15 The river is too high, swift and muddy and will take a few days to settle back down.
01/23/16 Sorry for the lack of reports. We will resume feel speed ahead. The river is just a litle
above normal at 2370 cfs at 4/43 feet. The water temperature is about 35 to 38 depending on
exactly where it is measured. The water is clear of ice and steelhead are being caught by our
customers on a regular basis. Two to three fish a day is common. These are good conditions.

01/30/16 The river is still high, running about 2120 cfs. That makes it tougher to catch
steelhead. Surely, it will fall down some in the near future. The best section is from the Powwatka
Bridge OR to Shumaker.

02/06/16 The river is down to a normal level and steelhead fishing has picked up. The water
temperature is in the mid to low thirties and you should be using nymphs. Swinging flies isn't
doing so well right now.

02/13/16 The weather and water is a little warmer and that is helping but it is on the way up with
recent rain, so watch the stream levels. The warmer water increased the catch this past week.

02/27/16 The river got down to near normal stream levels a couple of days ago but it is now on
the way back up. It is already 4550 cfs and normal is about 2500 cfs. You will just have to watch
the stream levels.

03/05/16 The river is too high to fish right now. It may be a few days before it recedes low
enough to fish. There is more rain in the forecast. There are plenty of fish in the river.

03/26/16 The river is still cold, or about 42 degrees. It is still high and few, if any, steelhead are
being caught.

05/07/16 The season is closed until May 22. Check back with us then.

05/21/16 The fishing season opens tomorrow. The stream levels at Troy are in good shape and
anglers should be able to catch a lot of trout. There are Blue-winged olives, little Black Caddis,
March Browns, Midges (cream and light green) and other insects hatching.

06/04/16 Anglers are catching trout and smallmouth bass even though the water is low. The
Smallmouth are taking top water flies. Trout have several options including Golden Stones, little
Yellowstones, Spotted Seges, or caddis, BWOs, PMDs and other insects. The water is low.

06/18/16 The levels are down and our customers are reporting good catches of both trout and
smallmouth bass. Lots of hatches are taking place with some very large size trout being caught.

07/02/16 There are some trout being caught. Golden stoneflies, little Yellow stoneflies, Spotted
Sedges, Green sedges and Pale Morning duns are hatching. Smallmouth bass fishing is also
good. Popping bugs, Stealth Bombers, Brown Sculpin, and Perfect fly Crayfish patterns are

08/06/16 The water levels are very low and very warm, reaching near 80. It is going to cool down
some. Smallmouth bass fishing is good. Popping bugs work early and late and our Crayfish
pattern during the day.

08/20/16 The smallmouth bass fishing is still excellent. Use Perfect Fly Crayfish patterns, the
dumbbell eye deep ones during the day, and the unweighted shallow runners early and late.
The baby Popping frog it catching plenty early and late. Trout fishing has been better but the
water is low and clear. Fish early and late. Terrestrial imitations are working along with lots of
Spotted Sedges, Green sedges, Tricos and others.

09/03/16 The weather and water temperature is cooler and condition much improved.
Smallmouth bass fishing is very good and some trout are being caught as well. Early morning
streamer fishing is working for the trout. Late afternoon egg laying caddis is brings lots of fish tot
he surface to feed.

10/08/16 The steelhead are arriving and anglers catching a few to according to one, several.
Chinook are in the river spawning.

10/22/16 Good numbers of steelhead are being caught in the Grande Ronde. The stream levels
have remained fishable and the levels current are still in good shape. Now it the time to be there
but what the stream levels.

11/12/16 The stream levels are down just a little above normal and our customers are catching
good numbers of steelhead. Three to six fish a day is common. Conditions are excellent.
Perfect Fly Steelhead flies

11/20/16 There is a lot of two-salt steelhead being caught. Conditions are as good as they have
been this year. Swinging, nymphing and egg flies are producing.
Grande Ronde River Fishing Report:
Grande Ronde River Fishng Report - Archives:
11/26/16 We have received several good reports of steelhead being caught in good numbers.
The stream levels are staying steady. Nymphing, swinging and egg lies are being used. Most
reports are coming from those using nymphs.
12/03/16 Stream levels are at a normal level below the dam and anglers are catching good
numbers of steelhead. We think more are being caught on steelhead nymphs than swinging or
eggs, but a few have been taken on each type of flies.
12/10/16 There are still a lot of steelhead being caught. Many are two-salt fish. Swinging,
eggs and steelhead nymphs are working. Conditions are good.
12/24/16 The water is very cold, averaging about 36 or less with lots of ice. Nymphs might get
you a fish but we recommend choosing another location. The weather forecast doesn't show
much improvement with high not over freezing and snow each day for the next week.
01/14/17 There is still a lot of ice in the water. We don't recommend fishing until it warms a little.
01/28/17 It is warming up a little and there's less ice but still a little dangerous. It is improving
fast and we should begin to get some good reports of steelhead caught.
02/04/17 We still think there is far too much ice in the water. Some are fishing from shelf ice
and that's dangerous. There are large floating chucks of ice in the water. We suggest waiting
until the water warms up some.
02/11/17 The water is warmer and much of the ice melted but the levels are still very high,
flowing at 6060. There is more rain coming in three days, so it may not get back low enough.
02/18/17 The stream flows are at 8040 at troy, which is very high. You will have to wait and
watch the levels. There is more rain in the forecast.
02/25/17 The stream levels are down but still just a little high. The water is clear and in good
shape with little ice. It is flowing at 4420 at Troy. We didn't receive any reports this past week.
03/18/17 The flows are at 26,700 cfs at 11.20 ft. or blown out. There is more rain in the
forecast. All you can do is check back with us and check the levels.
04/01/17 The stream levels are still too high to fish.
Season Closed
05/20/16 The stream levels are near good shape. The trout season opens June 1st.
07/22/17 We are getting good reports of smallmouth bass being caught in the lower river.
Stealth bombers and Perfect Fly poppers are working good. Check out the
smalmouth bass
flies used by our customers.
08/12/17 Both smallmouth bass and trout fishing is good. Stream levels are a little below
normal. Smallmouth will take poppers early and late and our crayfish patterns during the day.
09/16/17 Smallmouth bass fishing is still very good. The river is very low and only small boats
can be used. Use poppers in the mornings and our crayfish patterns during the day. Steelhead
should start arriving later this month.
09/23/17 The stream levels are up to a normal level and we received our first report of
steelheads being caught. Smallmouth bass fishing continues to be good.
10/14/17 Steelhead are in the river and being caught. Stream conditions are in good shape.
This should only get better as more fish move in.
10/21/17 Steelhead continue to enter the river and fishing continues to improve. Stream
levels remain in good condition.
10/29/17 The stream levels were high but it is back down not too far above normal and good
numbers of steelhead are starting to be caught. Send us an emall for a fly selection.
11/27/17 The river is a little high but still falling and steelhead are being caught. It takes a
little work, but those that stick with the swinging are scoring. We received two good reports
this past weekend.
12/04/17 Stream levels are down a little but still relatively high. Swinging is working good
and steelhead are being caught regularly,. Fish the Schumaker area.
12/11/17 Stream levels are near normal levels and otherwise in good shape. Lots of steelhead
are being caught.
12/18/17 Stream levels are up to normal levels for this time of the season. Egg flies, swinging
and nymphing steelhead flies are all working. Good numbers of steelhead are being caught.
01/08/18 The river continues to be in good shape with good numbers of steelhead being
caught. All methods are working good. Send us an email for a fly list.
01/15/18 The flows are at 3620 cfs at 5.10 or high. There are lots of steelhead in the river.
02/12/18 The flows are still high, about 4000, and will be much better around 2,000 cfs. Some
fish are being caught from larger drift boat and there are lots of steelhead in the river to catch.
02/19/18 The river is dropping and getting back down near good levels. Good numbers of fish
are being caught when the levels are down and this coming week should be good.
03/05/18 The stream levels are back to near normal and in good shape. The water is still cold
but a little warmer and the steelhead a little more active. We recommend eggs and SH nymphs.
04/02/18 Conditions are good. Good stream levels and good numbers of fish being caught.
Steelhead nymphs, swinging streamers and eggs are catching good numbers of fish.
04/09/18 The river is flowing at 10,500 cfs at 7.92, or very high. There is rain in the forecast
everyday and stream levels unlikely to come back down.
06/19/18 Trout fishing is very good. There are multiple hatches including lots of PMDs,
Spotted sedge and Green sedge caddis, Golden stoneflies and little Yellow stoneflies.
Terrestrials are starting to work good.
08/21/18 The river is very low and smallmouth bass fishing the only good opportunity but it is
very good. The bass are taking our popping bugs early and late in the day and crayfish
patterns during the day.
09/04/18 Smallmouth bass anglers are loving the low water conditions. Lots of smallmouth are
being caught on poppers and our crayfish patterns. There is still no rain in the forecast.
10/05/18 Steelhead are moving into the river and a few are being caught. It should be much
better later this month. Send us an email for a fly list.
11/22/18 Streelhead are being caught swinging flies, nymphs and eggs. We are getting some
good reports in terms of number and the time it takes to hook up.
12/01/18 Good numbers of steelhead are still being caught. We received two good reports
from customers the past week.l