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Fly Fishing Grand Lake Stream In Maine
Grand Lake Stream has been regulated as fly fishing
only since 1903. It flows from West Grand Lake into Big
Lake. From there the stream flows into the St. Croix
River. This little short section of river that's only three  
miles long has attracted anglers from around the World
for years. It's big attraction
is its native landlocked
salmon and its bigger relative, the Atlantic Salmon.

There are plenty of places to access Grand Lake
Stream. The eastern side from Big Falls down to the
meadows was donated to the state so it could remain
free of development. You can park and walk in and fish.
There are also easements on the west bank of the river
below Big Lake.

The fishing season opens April 1 through September 30
but there's an extended catch-and-release season from
Oct. 1 through Oct. 20. The season for the salmon really
doesn't begin until early May after the ice leaves the
lakes. The salmon follow the smelt, their favorite food.
The salmon also eat the White Sucker eggs when they
spawn. Most of the aquatic insect hatches begin in late
May and continue through June into the first part of July.

During the middle of the Summer, salmon move into
deep water of either the deeper pools in the river or the
lakes. They return to the river from about the middle of
September through October to spawn. Generally, fly
fishing Grand Lake Stream is very good during the
spawning season.

We should note that Grand Lake Stream also has a
population of brook trout but it isn't generally considered
as good as it is in many other Maine streams.

It should also be noted that there are some very good
aquatic insect hatches and the salmon will take dry flies
from the surface during a hatch. The best hatch is the
Hendrickson hatch which takes place about the middle
of May. There are Quill Gordons, Blue Quills,
Blue-winged olives and other mayflies as well as plenty
of caddisflies during the Summer months.

Fly fishing Grand Lake Stream is best from early May to
October 20th
As just mentioned, late Spring can be good.
Summertime is prime time to fish Grand Lake Stream
Early Fall can provide good fishing opportunities

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Flies
Type of Stream

Native Landlocked Salmon
Atlantic Salmon
Brook Trout (Few)

Short but averages about 100 feet

Eastern Maine

Nearest Towns
Grand Lake Stream

April 1 through September 30 with an
extended catch and release season
from Oct. 1 through Oct.


Non-Resident License
State of Maine

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