James Marsh fishing Grayling Creek Yellowstone
Angie Marsh fishing Grayling Creek Yellowstone
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Grayling Creek YNP
Grayling Creek is a small stream that runs much of its
length along highway #191 north of West Yellowstone. It
flows into Hebgen Lake. It has a very large population of
cutbows. Fly fishing Grayling Creek is a great alternative
traveling to and from other better known fishing
destinations. You can usually stop and catch several
trout in a very short time. Grayling Creek is currently
being treated to remove its exotic species of fish and will
be stocked with native cutthroats.

There are several pulloffs along highway #191 where
you can park and fish this little stream. It's easy to wade
in most places and it usually provides some very fast
action from cutbows that average about six to twelve

Most anglers pass up the stream for the larger Gallatin
River not far from Grayling Creek. Those that stop to
give it a try are usually pleasantly surprised at the
numbers of cuts they can catch. You can fish the upper
section of the stream that is off the highway but the fish
are usually even smaller and are not any more plentiful.
It does get you away from the noise of highway #191.

What has always amazed us about this stream is the
number and variety of wildlife we have spotted along
such a fairly busy highway. It is common to see bears,
mule deer, elk, moose and on one early morning we
even spotted a pack of wolfs trotting along the side of a

If you are in the Northwest corner of the park, we suggest
you give this beautiful little stream a try. It only takes a
few minutes due to its very easy access and it is rarely, if
ever crowded. It is easy to wade and almost always
provides plenty of action.

This little stream fishes well for most all of the
Yellowstone season.
Grayling Creek is usually too cold and high to fish until
around the last part of June.
Summer is the best time for fly fishing the Grayling River.
Fall is usually good. The lower section gets some large
spawning brown trout during the Fall.

Fly Fishing Guide to Grayling Creek
Grayling Creek is a picture perfect stream to dry fly fish.
It has just the right depths of water and is fairly easy to
wade in most places.
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Type of Stream

Brown trout
Cutthroat trout
Cutbow trout
Rainbow trout


Yellowstone National Park

Nearest Towns
West Yellowstone

Last of May through October


Special Regulations
Yes, barbless hooks and others

Fishing License
Yellowstone National Park

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Additional Information:
Fly Fishing Yellowstone National
Grayling Creek (YNP)
Note: Grayling Creek is currently stream for stream
rehabilitation. The National Park Service has killed the
fish in the creek and will be restocking it with native
cutthroat trout soon.
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